Susan Mikula, Relationship With Rachel Maddow, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Susan Mikula, Relationship With Rachel Maddow, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Susan Mikula is an artist and since 1999 the romantic partner of Rachel Maddow.

Even if it might be difficult for you to put a face to the name Susan Mikula, you surely know Rachel Maddow from the Rachel Maddow Show. Yes, Rachel is a TV presenter who works with MSNBC.

The story of Susan Mikula’s relationship with Rachel Maddow has been a source of inspiration for the LGBT community. It is known that the two have had a relationship for about 20 years and it all began when Maddow moved to Western Massachusetts and Mikula hired her for some gardening work. That was in 1999.

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Susan Mikula Relationship with Rachel Maddow

Although it took a while for Susan Mikula and Rachel Maddow to become lovers after their first meeting, Maddow revealed that she fell in love with Mikula when she first met her. They eventually began dating and have remained lovers for a very long time. Nevertheless, Susan and Rachel have no urge to marry. For them, marriage is not an important factor. What is important is that they acknowledge the love they feel for each other. It was Maddow who shared this mood in an interview sometime in 2011.

She was talking about gay marriage when she revealed that she and Susan Mikula do not feel any urge to marry.

“I feel that the fact that gays cannot marry for generations and forever means that we have found alternative ways to acknowledge relationships. And I fear that if everyone has access to the same institutions, we will lose the creativity of subcultures that have to make it on their own. And I like gay culture,” she said.

Susan Mikula has expressed her love for Maddow in her own way, she believes that they are ideal for each other. She hinted at this, for example, when she spoke about Maddow’s aversion to television. She revealed that there is a reason for the absence of a television in her house.

“Rachel can’t have one because she would watch TV all the time. We realized that we both have TV sickness,” she said.

From what we found out, Susan Mikula and Rachel Maddow live together in a pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts. They also share an apartment in the West Village in New York City. They usually spend their weekends in the Massachusetts house. The house is perfect for them, except for the bathroom, which is not easily accessible. Mikula and Maddow are not willing to fix this problem because they want the house to keep its historic touch.

As Maddow said, “the house is symmetrical and historically preserved, and the idea of putting something on top of it felt like a hat on a horse.”

Susan Mikula Age, Wiki, Bio

Susan Mikula was born and raised in the urban industrial area of New Jersey before moving to a small town in New Hampshire where she spent the rest of her childhood. To our knowledge, Mikula will celebrate her 60th birthday in 2018, she was born in 1958.

As you may have guessed, Mikula divides her time between her two homes in New York City and Western Massachusetts. As an artist, Kikula’s work has been shown to the world in both solo and group exhibitions in the United States. Earlier this year (2017) she was asked to create site-specific works for the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The work was commissioned as part of the Art in Embassies program.

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Mikula is admired for the peculiar way in which she creates her work. She uses different types of cameras, especially Polaroids, in which she uses the films of the past years, and captures her images with instant films. She works only with the available light and does not crop or manipulate the images.

As you can find on her website, this technique removes details and softens the edges to better reveal the underlying and essential form and feel of her subject.

Mikula has published four books so far. These include Kilo, u.X, American Bond, and Photographs, 2008.

Susan Mikula Net Worth

The value of everything Susan Mikula owns comes from her career. Although we can’t prove this, it is believed that the net worth of Susan Mikula is $5 million.

Quick Facts About Susan Mikula

 Date of Birth: 1958
 Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Shiny Gray
Birth Name Shiny Gray
Father Robert B. Bob Maddow
Mother Elaine Maddow
Nationality American
Birth Place/City New Jersey
Ethnicity White
Profession Photography
Net Worth $5 million
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Shiny Gray
Face Color Fair
Weight in KG 70
Girlfriend Rachel Maddow
Education Hampshire College
Siblings David Maddow
Books Susan Mikula Kilo