Paige Wyatt Biography, Net worth, Age, Family, Quick Facts

Paige Wyatt Biography, Net worth, Age, Family, Quick Facts

The beautiful Paige Wyatt may not be as popular as Hollywood leading actresses like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Meghan Fox (to name a few), but she is definitely a household name in American Guns, an American reality television series that aired on Discovery Channel.

Before her appearance on American Guns, Wyatt was a small actress in Hollywood. After she took over the cast of the reality television series, she shot up to fame.

Although her appearance on the show left us all glued to our TV screens, it is generally believed that her sexy and curvy body shape was the reason that most boys and young men never missed a scene on the show. Yes! Paige is pretty hot!

Paige Wyatt’s Biography, Age

The American Guns actress Paige Wyatt was born on October 30, 1994, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, in the United States of America.

Renee has graced several magazine articles. She is popular because her articles give advice on cooking and raising children.

Paige Wyatt Biography, Net worth, Age, Family, Quick Facts
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As an adolescent, she had a strong passion for modeling and acting. Today, her dream of running on the catwalk and acting in movies has come true because she is a popular face on TV and on the catwalk.

As for the educational background of the star, she is currently a student at a high school. Besides acting and handling weapons, Paige is also very active in Vine, an entertainment network where internet personalities shoot and share their videos. She has an impressive number of fans on the social media platform, where they regularly upload a number of their Vine videos.

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Her Family

She grew up in a family where everyone was in the arms business. Her stepfather Rich Wyatt is a well-known gunsmith and owner of the Gunsmoke Gun-Gun store, which buys rifles and sells them to hunting rifles. Wyatt was also an instructor for firearms in his company, while his wife, Renee Wyatt, worked in the same company as a manager.

She has a brother named Kurt Wyatt who works as an engraver, firearm instructor, and salesperson in the Gunsmoke Gun business.

The Wyatts enjoyed their thriving family business until February 11, 2016, when Rich was arrested on charges of tax fraud and the illegal trade in firearms without a license. This led to the closure of the show and the family business.

Paige’s mother, Renee, shares two lovely children (Brooke, born in 2006 and Ginger, born in 2009) with her stepfather Rich, who was convicted in 2007 on multiple counts of trafficking in firearms without a federal gun license. He is also accused of evading taxes on corporate and personal income for so many years.

Paige Wyatt Biography, Net worth, Age, Family, Quick Facts
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Paige Wyatt Net Worth

Paige Wyatt is a young up-and-coming star who seems to have a lot to offer her world, especially up-and-coming youngsters with big dreams. In her short career, she has had a positive influence on the entertainment industry and inspired many aspiring actors and actresses.

Because she’s good at what she does, she takes a considerable amount of money home as a salary. Recently she bought a 4×4 jeep, which is estimated to be worth millions. Pretty Paige also owns a clothing line through a company called Hughwear.

The charming TV personality has an impressive net worth, estimated at $1 million.

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Quick Facts about Paige Wyatt

  • Wyatt is a girl of Daddy’s. She is very much loved by her stepfather, with whom she shares a very strong bond.
  • Not everyone is repelled by the charms of social media, and Paige Wyatt is one of them. She has active accounts on Twitter and Instagram, the latter with over 9,000 followers.
  • The beautiful actress is very familiar with guns and bullets, a knowledge she acquired at an early age as the stepdaughter of a gun entrepreneur.
  •  An avid dog lover, she has a beautiful dog named Malibu. The actress allegedly spends time with the dog, whom she considers her close “friend”.
  •  Pretty Paige is believed to be single (and probably on the lookout) as she has never been seen with a man and there is no record of her past relationships. She may be secretly in a relationship, but our pretty actress has never introduced her Prince Charming to the public. That’s why we, like her fans, also believe that she is single.
  • The young woman’s height is 1.5 meters 7 inches.
  • Her sun sign is Libra.