The Biography of Taylor Hickson – A Canadian Actress, Singer-Songwriter

The Biography of Taylor Hickson – A Canadian Actress, Singer-Songwriter

For a girl who had problems with self-esteem during her childhood and adolescence, Taylor Hickson has really come a long way. She is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter, popularly known for her role in Deadpool.

The singer and songwriter have admitted that she lacked self-confidence in her formative years and had to constantly remind herself that she is beautiful.

According to her, everything we see around us affects the brain, and self-love requires a lot of hard work and practice. All in all, she has made it very clear that acting has strengthened her self-confidence; she is no longer the shy girl she used to be.

The Biography of Taylor Hickson

Taylor Delaney Hickson, popularly known by her fans as Taylor Hickson, was born in Kelowna, British Columbia on December 11, 1997. Taylor Delaney Hickson was born as the oldest child of Russell Hickson (father) and Shannon Hickson (mother). She grew up in Kelowna with her three younger siblings – Tyson, Tianna, and Tiernan.

Taylor, whose birth sign is Sagittarius, is a white Canadian. She fell in love with music at the tender age of two, and her sweet voice could be heard everywhere she sang. At the age of 11, Taylor’s father, who was an aspiring musician, encouraged her daughter’s passion for music. He got her to take singing lessons and even started performing with her on location.

Even before the end of her 11th year, the aspiring singer was already singing folk songs with her father at talent shows, and so she developed a deep interest in piano and guitar.

The Biography of Taylor Hickson – A Canadian Actress, Singer-Songwriter
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Taylor graduated from high school in 2004 and decided to concentrate fully on her passion for acting and music. Immediately after graduation, she auditioned for an acting role with a casting agent who was a friend of her aunt and was eventually signed on the same day. Although she wasn’t really interested in acting at first, she auditioned for other roles that earned her a silent spot in the film Blackway, where she was cast opposite Anthony Hopkins as a disturbed teenager.

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In 2016 she made her breakthrough in the action-comedy Deadpool, which was also her first speaking role. In Deadpool, she was cast in the role of Meghan Orlovsky. Taylor Hickson confessed in an interview that her role in the film really strengthened her interest in acting. She said that until her role in Deadpool she didn’t really know how much she wanted to act. And that before Deadpool she considered acting as fun and a sideline. She never imagined that it would be exactly what would change her life.

Also in 2016, Taylor took part in the Aftermath series, where she was cast in the role of Brianna Copeland, a headstrong teenager who she called a dream role. For her, there are many similarities between her real self and the character of Brianna, who she sees as a militant version of herself. The actress also revealed that she and Brianna have many things in common, such as impatience, temperament, and stubbornness. Brianna may show a hardened appearance in public, but when she loves, she loves unconditionally, which is very similar to her own character.

In a review of her work in Aftermath, Contrast magazine described Taylor as “a beautiful jewel of an actress. It was widely predicted that her future in acting is bright, and almost everyone agreed that the young actress has a natural talent that goes well beyond her years.

In the second half of 2016, the rising star won roles in several films such as Incident in a Ghost Land and Everything, Everything (2017). She played another role in Hunting Pignut, an independent dramatic film based on the true story of a girl in search of a man. In 2017 she played the role of a private detective’s daughter in the feature film Residue.

Tylor had an accident while shooting the film Ghostland. The crew told her that it was safe to slam her hand against a glass window, which she did, and the window shattered. She lost her balance and fell to the floor, cutting herself on the side of her face by the broken glass. As a result of this incident, the left side of her face needed 70 stitches to mend it, leaving a permanent scar.

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Taylor’s Boyfriend, Who’s She Dating?

When it comes to her love life, Taylor keeps it secret and confidential, but nonetheless, tidbits about her romantic affairs come out every now and then. It is widely believed that the beautiful actress is still single and has no offspring yet, but according to her Instagram report, she is currently in a relationship.

Her boyfriend is identified as David Nadeau, and she has a picture of them on Instagram, locked in a passionate kiss. The lovebirds have been together since 2017.