Mara Teigen Biography, Family, Plastic Surgery, Quick Facts

Mara Teigen Biography, Family, Plastic Surgery, Quick Facts

Mara Teigen is a model known for her great resemblance to one of the sexiest women in the world. Her great resemblance to Angelina Jolie has been an added value to her career so far. She is also a good friend of the society and reality TV personality Kylie Jenner. Mara models for Kylie Jenner’s beauty company “Kylie Cosmetics”.


The dazzling model Mara Jane Teigen was born on 23 August 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is 1.5 meters 6 inches tall. Mara Teigen has a slender body, blue eyes, and brown hair. She weighs 54.4 kg and has a height of 32-24-34.

There is no information about her parents, but we know that she has a brother and a sister. Because of the privacy in her private life, there is little to say about the model’s early life. It is known that she officially started modeling in 2013 and that she was signed with a well-known and established modeling agency called Wilhelmina International Agency. Before she became known and recognized with Kylie Jenner’s video glosses, she had worked as a model and modeled for Milani Cosmetics. She participated in various campaigns for the company and later also modeled for Frankie’s bikinis.

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Mara Teigen has walked the catwalk for a number of famous designers, which she once covered in the Sports Illustrated issue that few people know about. Nonetheless, her springboard to success and the spotlight began with a video of her and Kylie together.

She is also known for her love of sports and has been seen enjoying herself in various sports activities. Known as a selfie lover, she prides herself on having various self characteristics, and her reports in social media are proof that she is a selfie lover. We believe that the resemblance to Angelina Jolie may have inspired her fan base as well.

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It is known that dough has gone out with a number of famous people. There were rumors that Mara was dating the famous singer Joe Jonas and the singer of the famous pop band One Direction, Niall Horan. She also admitted to having had a relationship with the famous hockey player Evander Kane. Mara remembers that her first date with him was at Madison Square Garden and that they had been together since November 2014. Unfortunately, they are no longer together. Currently, we know that she was very busy and dedicated to her career. There is currently little information about who she is with.


Because of the private life she leads, there is no information about her parents and their names. Although most would think that she is related to the famous model Chrissy Teigen, our sources confirmed that there is no relationship to the supermodel. What we do know is that she has two siblings, a brother named Sam Teigen, whose work profile is still unclear to many, and a sister; Kayli Teigen, who works in a Division Mortgage Group.

Plastic Surgery Or Not?

There was talk about how one could have a doppelganger who looks strikingly similar to the original person (if I may say so). The truth is that some old photos show that she might have pimped her face a lot to bring it to its present appearance.

Mara Teigen Biography, Family, Plastic Surgery, Quick Facts
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However, pictures confirm that the model has gone through a number of procedures to achieve her current appearance, but who can blame her? It’s a free world, and you have the right to do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be.

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Mara Teigen Social Media

Mara Teigen has over 700,000 followers in her Instagram account, and she is friends with most of the big names in the industry. She has photos of every place she goes and every corner of her glamorous home.

Mara Teigen Quick Facts

Here are a few things we can say about the young model;

  • She is not related to the model Chrissy Teigen.
  • Mara Teigen loves to take herself.
  • She is more than just a prominent doppelganger. She is a model.
  • Mara Teigen started modeling in 2013.
  • She is currently under contract with the model agency Wilhelmina.
  • Mara is a sports lover. She has not concealed the fact that she loves sport.