Louis Hynes Bio, Wiki, Age, Height and Quick Facts

Louis Hynes Bio, Wiki, Age, Height and Quick Facts

He may only have entered the film industry a few years ago, but dynamic British teenage actor Louis Hynes is already making waves and capturing leading roles. One of his acclaimed appearances is in the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events, in which he starred in 2017 – Klaus Baudelaire.

The second of three children, Hynes, was born in Oxford, England, where he was raised by his parents along with his siblings. Although he is highly respected as an actor, this is not his only strength. His love for live music encourages him to attend musical performances as often as possible. When the cameras are not pointed at him, the young lad also plays bass guitar. Perhaps the music star will appear in him earlier than expected.

Louis Hynes Bio, Age

The young British star Louis Hynes was born on 9 October 2001 in Oxford, England, where he grew up as the second of three children. Probably because he is still young and is trying to make a name for himself in a very competitive industry, namely the film world, much information about Hynes’ biography is not available. Details of his educational background, the school he attends and his family background have not been published. Apparently, the young star is busy trying to carve out a niche for himself as a leading actor for the future.

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Nevertheless, we know that the actor has a special place in his heart for music. When he is not busy with a role, he plays the bass guitar. Moreover, he loves live music above all, which explains his very frequent presence at performances.

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Acting Career

Louis Hynes began his career in the film industry with his appearance as Franzl in Intermezzo in the production of Bruno Ravello at the Garsington Opera. His role was a celebrated role that paved the way for many others. He appeared in two episodes of the History Channel’s series Barbarians Rising as Young Alaric. The series debuted on June 6, 2016, and in 2017 Hynes snatched a starring role as Klaus Baudelaire in the first season of Netflix mystery drama A Series of Unfortunate Events to great acclaim. The cameras are still rolling on the series. In 2017, the young actor still appeared in a new adaptation of the television film The Saint. Hynes played the role of the young Simon Templar in the film, which was filmed in 2015 and released on Netflix.

Given that he is young, there is widespread speculation that Hynes is currently single, as there are no details of any love interest in his life. He also lives with his family. His parents are simply identified as Andrew and Lisa Hynes. He has an older brother, Milo, and a younger sister, Lara. The family lives near Oxford.

The exact details of the actor’s net worth is also not available at the moment. However, it is clear that he earns an attractive sum of money with his film roles and we hope to see more of him in the future.

Louis Hynes Bio, Wiki, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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Height and Body Measurements

While the details of his body statistics are not officially available to the public, we have some estimated statistics for the British actor. He is 160 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. It is expected that these body statistics will change quickly as the actor is still in his teens. He has brown hair that matches his eyes, which are also brown.

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Quick Facts and Other Interesting Details About Louis Hynes

  • He was born on 9 October 2001 in Oxford, England, in the United Kingdom.
  • Professionally he is known as Louis Hynes, but his full name is Louis Oliver Hynes.
  • The actor’s star sign is Libra.
  • His family consists of his parents, Andrew and Lisa Hynes, who gave birth to Hynes’ two siblings – Milo, his older brother, and a younger sister named Lara. The family lives outside Oxford.
  • His nationality is British and he is of white descent.
  • He is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he shares his memories with fans.
  • The star of the A Series of Unfortunate Events has been active in the film industry since his debut in 2015. Apparently, he is not only a film wonder.
  • He loves and visits live music a lot and also plays bass guitar.