Blair Redford Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Quick Facts You Should Know

Blair Redford Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Quick Facts You Should Know

It’s not every day that you meet a smart boy who turns down a college scholarship to concentrate on acting. Blair Redford gave up everything for his passion.

Blair Redford Biography

Blair Redford is an American actor who is famous for his boyish charm and boyish appearance. He was born on July 27, 1983. He grew up in the suburbs of Canton, Atlanta Georgia, and attended Sequoyah High School. His birth name is David Blair Redford.

After high school, he was offered a scholarship to attend college because of his impressive academic achievements. Blair turned down the offer to pursue an acting career. He started with television appearances and his career as a presenter. His career received a small boost when Warner Bros. offered him a chance as a team member of the WB Road Crew, but after spending a year on the Road Crew, he moved to LA.

To improve his acting chances, Blair worked on small gigs in the city for a short time. His big breakthrough, however, came when he got the role of Scott Grainger, with which he won the hearts of so many viewers in The Young and the Restless.

Blair Redford Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Quick Facts You Should Know
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That was in 2005, in February 2006, when he left the show after a year of working on the project. Nonetheless, he was first noticed and came to the fore in The Other Side when he got the character Reaper #3. His performance in portraying the character remains one of the most remarkable achievements of his life.

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He was also featured in Lincoln Heights, 90210, Dance of the Dead, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Goy, Voodoo Moon, October Road, Passions, The Lying Game, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Beauty and the Beast.

Blair also played the role of Simon Waverly in Satisfaction. He then appeared in two episodes of The Red Road. He also got role-playing the character of John Proudstar/Thunderbird in the movie The Gifted in 2017. As Thunderbird, he played the role of a strong-willed leader of an underground community.

Since Blair is very popular and successful, he has withdrawn from the camera and kept his private life out of the limelight. He has also kept the number of his children hidden. He is a very demanding person who loves to spend time with children. And in a recent interview, he indicated that he needs time to think about whether to get married or enter into a committed relationship. He is not a dwarf and is an impressive 5’11” tall.

He also boasts an impressive salary, which has increased his net worth to around $300,000. It is also important to mention that he is an avid tennis player.


The good-looking actor is your very own classic racial hybrid and comes from a very complicated and strongly mixed ethnicity and lineage. He is primarily of American descent, but his mixed pedigree includes German, French, Irish, and Indian bloodlines. He also has distant Welsh, Dutch, and distant Danish ancestors.

Blair Redford Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Quick Facts You Should Know
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As we all know, Blair Redford is a private person and it will not be a walk in the park to dig up facts about his dates or his married life. His fans know that the actor is currently dating no one. Blair Redford is not married and he has no children. It was previously speculated that he had a relationship with Jessica Michel Serfaty, and rumors were fuelled even further when the couple posted pictures at an awards ceremony. But that was put to rest when photos of Jessica and her boyfriend appeared on Instagram.

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Blair Redford has a well-documented pedigree. However, very little is known about his father, his mother’s name is Deborah Warner Corrao.

Quick Facts You Should Know About Blair Redford

  1. At the Georgia Renaissance Festival Blair performed as a pirate named Rusty Compass.
  2. Blair was a very good tennis player and was captain of his high school tennis team.
  3. Blair worked as a stuntman for an Atlanta-based stunt team  Black Knight Stunts.
  4. He has a highly mixed ethnic background and lineage that includes German, French, Irish, and Indian bloodlines as well as distant Welsh, Dutch, and remote Danish ancestors.