Laura Bretan Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Family Life of The Musician

Laura Bretan Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Family Life of The Musician

It is not very often that we have the privilege of witnessing the emergence of great talents and stars. When we do, we pick up as many details about them as possible. Laura Bretan gave us the opportunity to do so when she thrilled not only the audience but also the jury and the whole world with her powerful performances in the 11th season of America’s Got Talent.

As a star, she is undoubtedly magical and filled us with wonder and awe. The young Romanian-American opera singer took 6th place.

Laura Bretan Biography, Age

The songbird was born on April 7, 2002, in Chicago, Illinois, to a Romanian family. Obviously born with an amazing voice that finds its way into the hearts of all who ever hear it, her mother recognized such a rare talent and began to help her refine her skills. She also encouraged her to join the Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Choir at the age of 4.

The first song she ever sang in front of an audience was Silent Night, and from then on Laura began her journey to a greater discovery of her instrument, an amazing voice she possesses. Laura also realized that after seeing Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty, she could explore different musical genres and sing in different ways. She was so excited by the songs in the film that she wanted to learn and sing each one. Her career began when she was 6 years old and since then her skills have grown by leaps and bounds.

Laura fell in love with classical music and has been an aspiring opera singer ever since. So she began to take singing lessons at the age of 12 and committed herself to learn arias from operas. Giacomo Puccini and Andrew Lloyd Webber are her favorite composers. She is also studying singing with Nicoleta Roman, a Romanian lyricist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Besides opera, she enjoys singing contemporary Christian music.

Laura Bretan Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Family Life of The Musician
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As her musical empire grew, she took part in auditions and competed in competitions. Amazingly, Laura Bretan has not only auditioned but is always among the best. Among the competitions, she has won are Super Top Dog (for children under 14) and Stars of Tomorrow. In addition to singing in competitions, she sang the national anthem of the Chicago White Sox at the US Cellular Field in Chicago in 2014.

Laura Bretan is convinced that she can touch people’s lives with her voice and inspire others, especially teenagers, to enjoy opera as much as she does, despite it being one of the most complex forms of art.

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Career and Rise to Fame

As one of her biggest fans even before she became known to us, her grandfather convinced her to participate in Romania’s Got Talent. In 2016 she took the chance and participated in the 6th season of the competition. At the auditions, she sang an opera originally written for male performers. She was effortlessly amazing and impressed both the jury and the audience. Her performance also earned her a Super Golden Buzzer from the presenters. This automatically propelled her into the finale, where she emerged as the winner, beyond her wildest imagination, shooting her into the spotlight.

With her newfound fame, Laura decided to test deeper waters. As a U.S. citizen, she took the opportunity to appear as an opera singer in the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. Opera has a way of capturing audiences in a way that no other performance can, and she certainly knew how to do it.

She was already used to captivating her audience and captivating the jury, and repeated her exceptional performance during the audition, singing Nessun Dorma from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. As expected, her performance received a standing ovation from the jury, who were equally exuberant in their praise. The jury was comprised of Simon Cowell, whose snide behavior she cracked, Heidi Klum, former Spice Girl Mel B, and Howie Mandel. In addition, her performance moved Mel B to press her Golden Buzzer, the first of the season, which sent her straight to the quarter-finals.

She successfully made her way through with astonishing performances, which fascinated her listeners again and again. Some of the pieces she sang were Pie Jesu, her grandfather’s favorite, and The Prayer, which was performed by musical icons such as Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and Michael Bolton. Bretan finally reached the finale, where she sang O Mio Babbino Caro, the soprano aria from Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicchi. At only 14 years of age, she took 6th place, with Grace Vanderwaal winning the competition. Although her performance did not make it into the final five or into the circle of winners, it was phenomenal enough to strike a chord with the audience.

However, fame comes with her allusions. With her rise to the Top 10, she shared the world of classical music. While some praise her performance and are pleased that classical music reaches a wider audience, others quickly expressed their displeasure with her technique and choice of repertoire. Some experienced singing teachers felt that the way the Bretan sang, which resembled more the imitation of older voices, was unsuitable for her young age. They further explained that it could be a great risk to lose her amazing voice because the delicate vocal cords were forced upon her.

Despite the problems her voice raises and the concerns about her performance and her future as a singer, we will follow her career with interest.

Family Life of the Musician – Parents

Laura Bretan Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Family Life of The Musician
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One may wonder who the parents of this child prodigy are. Well, they are Rahela and Petru Bretan. They gave her the environment to develop into the musical phenomenon we know today, and they are still willing to accompany her on this path. However, they are not the only ones who have paved the way for her. Another strong factor in her musical career is her late grandfather.

It was he who convinced her to participate in the Romania Got Talent Show before his death in January 2016. Before his death, she promised him that she would become an opera singer. Let’s talk about the fulfillment of promises. She has certainly become one and dedicates her songs and all her performances to the man again. Laura Bretan tries to make him proud on all fronts and even sang one of his favorite songs, Pie Jesu, during the AGT show.

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Other Facts About Laura Bretan – Height

The nightingale is only in its teenage years and as such is still growing. Although its size is not available, it is a rather height-favored girl.

She has a dual citizenship: Romanian and American.

Laura has also taken part in charity activities. She took part in a concert called The Star of Hope, which was performed for mentally handicapped children.