Is Chris Daughtry Married, Who Is His Wife? His Family, Height, Net Worth

Is Chris Daughtry Married, Who Is His Wife? His Family, Height, Net Worth

Chris Daughtry began taking guitar lessons at the age of sixteen with Mark Ebert and renowned guitarist Matt Jagger, who taught him the basics of music in a music store in Charlottesville.

While trying to develop his fingers on the guitar, he realized that he could actually sing. His decision to combine singing and guitar would result in him making more effort and developing at all costs.

Today, Chris’s passion from his childhood has not only taken him to places but has also earned him a place in the musical elite. Since he stormed the industry, he’s been doing well. As a singer and guitarist, he has worked with so many renowned artists.

Within the music circle, he is respected for his classical guitar works as well as for his mastery of various music genres – Daughtry actually does pop-rock, alternative metal, contemporary hard rock, alternative rock, and post-grunge.

The multi-faceted American personality had his professional breakthrough sometime in 2002 when he appeared as the fourth finalist in the fifth season of American Idol. Although he didn’t win the star award, he was immediately signed by RCA Records and released his debut album a few months later. The success of the album earned him his first Grammy nomination. Since then, the former idol candidate has reached ever greater heights in his profession.

Is Chris Daughtry Married, Who Is His Wife? His Family, Height, Net Worth
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Chris Daughtry Biography

The parents of Chris Daughtry, Sandra Daughtry, and James “Pete” Daughtry welcomed him to Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina on December 26, 1979. The singer grew up with his brother Kenneth Daughtry in Lasker, North Carolina, where he spent his early years until the age of 14.

Chris also spent some of his years in Palmyra, Virginia, from where he later moved to McLeansville, North Carolina. It is believed that the guitarist had his high school education in one of the cities where he grew up.

At that time he was playing rock at local events. His popularity at the time grew after he started performing for Matt Jagger’s Blues Rock and Brian Craddock’s band My Dog Lucy. Chris also performed briefly in his high school music group, where he appeared with the group in two stage productions called The Wiz and Peter Pan.

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Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Daughtry is one of a gaggle of American entertainers who practice their trade in various fields. Born as Christopher Adam Daughtry, the renowned guitarist wears different hats as an actor, songwriter, and singer.

The American Idol finalist in fourth place is worth 10 million dollars. It is believed that he has built his net worth from his wealth of business channels and other ventures that have put a fair amount of money in his pocket.

His Family – Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?

Chris is not only married; he is the father of four lovely children. He was married on 11 November 2000 when he exchanged vows with his wife Deanna Daughtry in the presence of her family members and loved ones.

Is Chris Daughtry Married, Who Is His Wife? His Family, Height, Net Worth
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The children of the American singer are Hannah, Griffin, and twins Noah James and Adalynn Rose. Hannah was born on September 7, 1996, and is Deanna’s child from her first marriage, while Griffin (born June 30, 1998) was supposedly adopted after his father’s death. Adalynn and James are the biological children of Daughtry. They were born on November 17, 2010. The singer currently lives with his lovely family in North Carolina.

His Height – How Tall Is He?

Daughtry’s physical appearance has been an issue for many people, especially his fans. From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, he has a unique physique that sets him apart from most singers.

Since he got married, he has lost a lot of weight – a development that has been acclaimed by fitness fanatics. In 2006, on the stage of the popular American TV series American Idol, the singer announced that he had decided to shave his head completely in order to maintain a charming appearance. Despite his decision to go bald and also lose some weight, Daughtry still looks handsome and gorgeous.

He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 183 lbs, which is equivalent to 83 kg. His other body measurements are chest – 107 centimeters or 42 inches, biceps – 36 centimeters or 14 inches, waist – 79 centimeters or 39 inches. The color of his eyes is dark brown.

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Quick Facts about Chris Daughtry

1. The American singer is Christian.

2. His best friend is Ace Young. Young is also a contestant for American Idol. The two met for the first time at an audition in Denver and have been inseparable ever since.

3. He owns four studio albums. They are Daughtry (released in 2006), Leave This Town (released in 2009), Break The Spell (released in 2011), and Baptized (released in 2013).