Does AJ McCarron The NFL Quarterback Have A Wife?

Does AJ McCarron The NFL Quarterback Have A Wife?

AJ McCarron is a popular and accomplished American football quarterback who plays for the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL). Because of his celebrity, many people are curious about AJ’s private life, especially information about his wife.

Before playing for the Houston Texans, he played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders. McCarron was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He previously played college football at the University of Alabama. As a testament to his legacy, AJ is remarkably one of only seven quarterbacks in history to win back-to-back titles in any form.

The star athlete, Raymond Anthony “AJ” McCarron Jr., was born in Mobile, Alabama, USA on September 13, 1990, the son of Dee Dee Bonner and Tony McCarron. His parents later divorced, whereupon his mother married Derek Bonner, which led to her name change. AJ has a younger brother, Corey McCarron, who is also a football player. Now let’s explore his love life.

Does AJ McCarron Have A Wife?

Since he is an athlete and a public figure, it is not surprising that fans and media are curious about AJ’s private life and want to know if he is married.

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For those who are curious: AJ McCarron is married to Katherine Webb-McCarron: a model, a beauty queen, and a television personality. She was born on April 24, 1989, in Montgomery, Alabama. Katherine won the 2012 Miss Alabama USA Pageant and appeared in the following year’s broadcast of the BCS National Championship Game. The beauty queen is better known in the modeling world under her maiden name Katherine Webb.

AJ became engaged to Katherine Webb in March 2014, before the marriage was sealed on July 12, 2014, in Orange Beach, Alabama. On December 8, 2015, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, and on May 24, 2016, his wife gave birth to their son Raymond “Tripp” McCarron III. In December 2018, Katherine Webb gave birth to the couple’s second son.

Does AJ McCarron The NFL Quarterback Have A Wife?
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There have been no reports of the duo having marital problems. It appears that AJ McCarron and his wife have a happy married life together.

Other Facts About Katherine Webb

Pageant History

Before winning the Miss Alabama USA 2012 pageant, Katherine was a semi-finalist in the Miss Georgia USA 2008 pageant, and after winning the Miss Alabama USA pageant, Katherine Webb finished in the top ten in the Miss USA 2012 pageant.

What Are HerĀ Educational Qualifications?

AJ McCarron’s wife grew up in Columbus, Georgia, and graduated from Northside High School in 2007. She then attended Auburn University and graduated in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management.

An interesting fact about her education is that she attended Auburn University while her husband attended the University of Alabama. This is considered interesting because there has long been a rivalry in football at both schools, dating back to 1893.

What Religion Does She Practice?

It is common knowledge that AJ McCarron is a Christian and a devout Catholic. As such, it is not surprising that Katherine Webb is a Christian like her husband. The American model is also often involved in various programs and activities in her church.

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BCS And Rise To Fame

Katherine Webb, who was AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (not wife) at the time, gained national attention in 2013 when she attended the BCS National Championship Game. During the game, Brent Musburger, the announcer, commented on Webb’s looks as the TV image focused on her as she watched the game. The announcer described her as “beautiful” and called her a lovely lady. His feelings were reinforced by Kirk Herbstreit, Musburger’s partner. Many considered Musberger’s remarks sexist and ESPN apologized, but Katherine later revealed that she was not offended by the announcer’s remarks.

After the game, the couple’s comments received wide publicity, making the public curious about the lady in question. As a result, her Twitter account gained over 173,000 new followers overnight, including NBA star Lebron James.

“AJ McCarron’s girlfriend was also one of the most searched terms on Google the next day, with over 1 million searches. A video of her coverage of the game was viewed over 3 million times on YouTube.

Post BCS

The wife of AJ McCarron gained immense popularity after the BCS National Championship. Due to the massive interest in her, Katherine was offered a position as Miss USA judge by Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss USA contest. However, she decided to accept an offer for the Super Bowl XLVII for the Inside Edition.

That’s not all, Katherine Webb was also offered a place as a candidate in Splash, an American reality contest series. She then appeared as a model for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated in 2013.