Josh Duhamel Relationship With Fergie, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Net Worth

Josh Duhamel Relationship With Fergie, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Net Worth

It is common for children to be so strongly influenced by their parents that they start their professional careers. In the case of Josh Duhamel, however, this did not seem to be the case, as he was competing in his own direction. His mother, Bonnie L. Kemper, is a retired teacher and also a local businesswoman, while his father, Larry Duhamel, is an advertising salesman; so there were a number of public service and collaboration issues in his home. Although he started out in the construction business earlier, he later settled in the entertainment industry.

Josh Duhamel Bio

Josh Duhamel was born on November 14, 1972, in Minot, North Dakota. After his parents divorced, Josh was raised by his mother alongside his sisters. He attended Minot State University, where he was a popular figure thanks to his exploits as the quarterback of the university football team.

Josh began in entertainment as a model before making his acting debut as Leo du Pres in the ABC daily soap All My Children. He now plays the lead role in Transformers: The Last Knight, New Year’s Eve, When in Rome, Life as We Know It, You’re Not You, Safe Haven, among others. He has also appeared in two video games, of which Call of Duty: WWII is the most popular.

Josh Duhamel Relationship With Fergie, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Net Worth
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Josh Duhamel Relationship With Fergie

Tall, sexy, and charming; what lady would not want this to be said about her husband? Josh Duhamel is a man who can be described with the above words, and it is no surprise that he has won over the ladies. In most relationships that rarely bring people to the altar, what Josh Duhamel shared with Fergie seems to have caught his attention and led him straight in that direction.

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Born as Stacy Ann Ferguson, but usually referred to as Fergie; the celebrated pop singer made a name for herself as part of the pop group Black Eyed Peas. The group also had the rapper’s, and Taboo. Fergie was the only lady in the group.

Josh and Fergie met each other in September 2004 when Fergie performed at a show in Las Vegas where Josh was also cast. They got along well, went out together, fell in love, and decided to enter into marriage. The couple’s wedding ceremony took place in the Church Estate Vineyards. The couple had one child, a son, who was born in August 2013. From the sidelines, everyone would have thought the star couple had it all together. They appeared together on the red carpet, gave interviews, had holidays. It was quite a shock when Josh and Fergie made a statement in September 2017 that they would separate.

Fergie in particular later revealed that it “got a little weird” by pretending that there was nothing wrong with the marriage. She claims that they still love each other and that there was no bad blood between them.

The same feeling was shared by Josh. It was obvious that they were making a conscious effort to make the divorce as smooth as possible. When Fergie received negative criticism for her performance of the American National Anthem at an NBA All-Star game, Josh publicly defended her while talking to DeGeneres.

Josh Duhamel Relationship With Fergie, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Net Worth
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Wife, Kids

Josh has had his fair share of romance over the years, but he was only married once, and that was to Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie. Married in January 2009, but separated in September 2017, Josh Duhamel is the father of a son, a product of his association with Fergie, and he is the only child between them. His name is Axl Jack Duhamel, born in 2013.

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Josh Duhamel is the only son of his parents Bonnie L. Kemper and Larry Duhamel. However, the couple had three other girls, Mckenzee Duhamel, Ashlee Duhamel, and Kassidy Duhamel, who are all younger sisters and brothers and sisters of Josh Duhamel. Their parents later divorced.


He is a former model and looks really hot, so we can expect to see some great features coming up. He stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 87 kg. His chest size is 43 inches, his waist size is 33 inches and his biceps/arm size is 14 inches.

Net Worth

Although Josh has made a career as a model and actor, it is acting that has made him more money. He has a net worth of $15 million