Diana Dors Bio, Height, Measurements, Kids, Spouse, Death

Diana Dors Bio, Height, Measurements, Kids, Spouse, Death

Diana Dors was a British singer and actress who was often compared to the famous American actress/singer/model Marilyn Monroe, one of the most popular sex symbols of her time. As an icon in her own right, Dors was popular for her quick-wittedness, acting talent, and natural flair for the limelight.

As long as she was active in show business, the actress showed her real talent in several talk shows as a guest in cabarets and on television. She also made so many recordings, which were highly appreciated by the critics. Also known as Diana d’Ors, she maximized her time as a public figure, while this lasted to become one of the most popular actresses/singers of England of all time. Learn more about her biography, her family, her body measurements, and how and when she died.

Diana Dors Bio

Diana Dors was born on October 23, 1931, the daughter of her mother, Winifred Maud Mary, who did not know at the time whether her husband Albert Edward Sidney Fluck was responsible for the pregnancy. The main reason for this was that at the time she was having an affair with an unknown man whom she believed could also be her father. The actress, whose original name is Diana Mary Fluck, is British because she was born at Haven Nursing Home in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, in the United Kingdom.

Diana Dors Bio, Height, Measurements, Kids, Spouse, Death
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The actress studied at Colville House and later at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) after excel in her rhetoric studies. She joined LAMDA at the age of 14 (although it is said that she was older), making her the youngest student at the institution. One of her favorite moments at this time was a visit to the cinema, where she met Hollywood actresses Jean Harlow, Lana Turner, and Veronica Lake as her heroines.

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Diana Dors Career

After working with the LAMDA on a number of theater productions, Diana Dors played her first screen role in the noir film The Shop at Sly Corner in 1947, which earned her 8 pounds a day for three days. While she was signing this contract, she changed her surname to Dors with her father’s consent. According to the records, Dors is the maiden name of Diana’s maternal grandmother.

Her next project was Dancing with Crime (1947), in which she performed alongside Barry K. Barnes, Richard Attenborough, and Sheila Simshot, for which she received £10 a day for 15 days. In the same year, Diana Dors finally graduated from LAMDA with the London Films Cup. At the age of 16, she joined the Rank Organization, an entertainment agency, and acted in many other films until she was given a leading role in the film Diamond City in 1949.

The British star also took part in some comedic projects such as Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary? (1953), The Saint’s Return (1954), Value for Money (1955) It’s a Grand Life (1953), An Alligator Named Daisy, and Miss Tulip Stays the Night (1955).

Through her impressive projects in the industry, Diana gained the attention of Hollywood and worked with them on a number of productions at the RKO entertainment studio. She left New York after the RKO broke off contact with her, but sometime in 1960, the actress accepted a cabaret contract that required her return to Hollywood. She appeared in several films, and by the mid-1970s Diana Dors was already a sought-after actress in sex comedies. A Man With a Maid (1975), Adventures of a Private Eye (1977), Three for All (1976) were some of the sex comedy films in which she appeared, while Dick Turpin (1981), Cannon and Ball (1981), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1980) and Timon of Athens (1981) were her most recent projects. In 1985, Dors said goodbye to filming after she had appeared in the British film Steaming.

As a singer, Diana Dors recorded several studio albums and singles, after which she turned to adult sex parties that meteorically revived her popularity. Her last public appearance was on April 15, 1984, in a cabaret at Harpoon Louie’s, Earls Court, West London, where she looked considerably frail.

Spouse And Kids

Diana Dors was married three times in her life. Her first attempt at marriage was to Dennis Hamilton Gittins. They were husband and wife from July 3, 1951, when they entered into the bonds of marriage, until January 3, 1959, when Gittins died. The two did not bear children.

Diana Dors Bio, Height, Measurements, Kids, Spouse, Death
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Dors’ second marriage was to Richard Dawson in New York. They entered into the union on April 12, 1959, and were together until seven years later, when they were divorced in 1966. They had two sons named Gary Dawson and Mark Dawson.

Alan Lake was the last man to whom Diana said “I Do” on November 23, 1968. He remained her husband until her death on November 4, 1984. The couple had a son named Jason Lake.

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Diana Dors died at AMI Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor as a result of a recurrence of ovarian cancer. She was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at her home near Windsor. Before her death, the actress and singer underwent surgery twice to remove cancerous tumors and also had meningitis.

Diana was buried in Sunningdale Catholic Cemetery after a memorial service was held in her honor at Sacred Heart Church in Sunningdale on May 11, 1984.

Height & Body Measurements

Diana Dors was 1.68 meters tall and weighed 56 kilograms. According to the records, the blonde beauty’s body measurements are listed:

Bust size: 35 inches

Waist size: 24 inches

Hips size: 35 inches

Bra size: 40D (US)

Cup size: D (US)