Adrienne Bolling Bio, Celebrity Facts and Profile of Eric Bolling’s Wife

Adrienne Bolling Bio, Celebrity Facts and Profile of Eric Bolling’s Wife

Who is Adrienne Bolling? She is the wife of TV personality and conservative political commentator, Eric Bolling. He was employed by Fox Channel until September 2017, when he was fired for sexual assault. The same month they lost their child to a drug overdose.

However, due to the accusations and the devastating loss of an only child, Adrienne remained her husband’s support system. Here is everything you need to know about her: Bio, profile, and celebrity facts.

Adrienne Bolling: Bio & Profile

Very little is known about the background of Eric Bolling’s wife, except that she was given the name Adrienne J. Leventhal by her parents, John and Maries Leventhal, when she was born on June 10, 1963. Her pedagogical information is also not readily available. She has American citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Adrienne came into public awareness after she became Mrs. Bolling in 1997.

Apart from being the dutiful and always supportive wife of Eric Bolling, it is not known what she does professionally beyond her marital duties. However, alongside her famous husband, he was a talented baseball player before becoming a commodities trader and eventually a political commentator and television personality. He worked at the New York Stock Exchange for five years before joining Fox Channel, where he worked for Fox News. He is also a conservative and supports the Republican Party.

Adrienne Bolling – Bio, Celebrity Facts and Profile of Eric Bolling’s Wife
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While many media sources believe that the duo were high school sweethearts, others believe that they actually met in college and got along well from there. However, there is another poll that says that Eric and Adrienne met through their mutual friend Gretchen Carlson. After they had been together for some time, they decided to enter into the bond of marriage on October 4, 1997. Their son, Eric Chase Bolling, joined them the following year.

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Chase inherited his father’s athletic talent and also played baseball. In 2012 he injured his spleen while snowboarding in Albany. After several weeks of apparent hopelessness, he survived the incident with the help of doctors from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Albany Medical Center. When Adrianne Bolling’s life seemed to return to normal, all hell broke loose five years later.

What Happened To Her Family?

Her husband was involved in a sexual incident that eventually cost him his job as a correspondent for Fox News in September 2017. In the same month, on September 9, the Bolling family lost their only child. It was claimed that Eric jr. could not live with the shame of having a pervert for a father, so he decided to overdose on drugs, which led to his premature death. Eventually, it turned out that the real cause of his death was an accidental overdose. At the time of his death, he was studying economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Eric Sr. was accused of sending lewd pictures to three of his colleagues and of using inappropriate words about female employees. The accusations took an interesting turn when Caroline Heldman, a former guest at Fox News, also claimed that Eric also treated her inappropriately. As a result of these allegations, Eric Bolling of Fox News was suspended and on September 8, 2017, he left the organization.

Adrienne Bolling – Bio, Celebrity Facts and Profile of Eric Bolling’s Wife
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Despite the storm that rocked her marriage boat and caused many marriages to fail, Adrienne Bolling and her husband remained closely connected throughout the entire period. They decided to concentrate on strengthening their marriage and making their union happier than ever. She continued to support her husband.

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Celebrity Facts About Eric Bolling’s Wife

Adrienne Bolling is a devout Roman Catholic and prays with her husband in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In 2014, the Bolling family had the honor of serving a Thanksgiving dinner to the needy at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission Centre. They also often participate in charitable and social services.

They love to travel during vacations, and before their son died, the family regularly visited Miami and the popular amusement parks in Orlando and Chicago.

Her husband joined Fox News (and Fox Business) in 2007. He co-hosted the panel shows The Five and The Specialists, appeared on other shows such as Fox & Friends and hosted Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

Since there is no information about Adrienne Bolling’s career other than that she was her husband’s support system, it would be difficult to determine her wealth. However, her husband’s fortune is worth a whopping $25 million.

Unlike Eric, who has a number of accounts on various social media platforms, Adrianne Bolling is not active on any of these platforms.