Who Is Khary Payton, The Walking Dead Actor? His Wife, Age, Family

Who Is Khary Payton, The Walking Dead Actor? His Wife, Age, Family

When we talk about being a multi-talent, Khary Payton is a man that fits the description so well. For some, he is an actor known for his role in the groundbreaking Walking Dead series, which also features one of Disney’s action stars, Danai Gurira, who played the role of Okoye in the 2018 superhero action movie Black Panther. Others know him as a voice actor who has used his talent to bring the DC comic character Cyborg to life in several films, video games, and cartoons.

Khary Payton Bio & Age

Khary Payton was born on May 16, 1972, in Augusta, Georgia, United States of America. In his early days, Khary Payton had always been passionate about the performing arts. When he was a teenager in high school, he began performing both as an actor and as a stand-up comedian. After high school, he was accepted at the University of Dallas, Texas. While there, he quickly joined the theater group in school, where he was given the opportunity to perform in a number of productions at the Dallas Theatre Center.

His career as an actor began in the mid-90s when he got a small role in the series “Street Shark”. Although it was a very small role, it served as the basis on which many more appearances as an actor were to follow. For the romantic comedy Latter Day from 2003, he was lucky enough to be played alongside the very popular and talented actor Wes Ramsey. Soon his talents as a dubbing actor began to gain popularity when his voice was used in the video game Deus Ex, released in 2000. Not long after, he was dubbed in the 2002 children’s animated series “Proud Family”, where he played the role of the slapmaster.

Who Is Khary Payton, The Walking Dead Actor? His Wife, Age, Family
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In 2003 he was given a voiceover role as ten in the Dc superhero comic cartoon Justice League. This role was to lead to him becoming more of a sought-after voice actor, bringing the superhero character Cyborg to life in both animated films and video games. Other cartoon voice acting roles he has starred in include the character of Mitch in What’s New Scooby-Doo? Maurice in Codename: Kids Next Door, Hex in Ben 10, G.I. Joe: Renegades.

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The Walking Dead And other  Roles

As a mainstream actor, Khary Payton has appeared in both movies and series. In 2003 he played Kenny in the movie Dracula II: Ascension. He has also appeared in films like Latter Days (2004), Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005), Ping Pong Playa (2008), Blood: The Last Vampire (2009). On the small screen, he played in 2011 in the ABC daily soap General Hospital in the leading role of Dr. Terrell Jackson. In a 2012 episode of the series Fairly Legal, he starred as Tom Finnerman and Don in the series Go On.

One of his most iconic roles as a live actor came in 2016 when he was cast as the intimidating King Ezekiel in AMC’s The Walking Dead. This opportunity brought him so much fame that people who never knew he was the voice behind their favorite superhero character “Cyborg” were amazed at the sheer talent of this veteran.

In 2017, he appeared in two episodes of the Hand of God series, in which he played the role of Major Tom. In 2018 he was cast as Shakaste in the series “Critical Role”. Although he only appeared in two episodes, he found it a satisfying and challenging role. In the same year, Khary Payton received a nomination for the Saturn Award for best supporting actor in a television series.

Family- Wife, And Kids

Who Is Khary Payton, The Walking Dead Actor? His Wife, Age, Family
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Given that Kary Payton is over 40 years old, it would be strange if he didn’t have a family to call his own. Accordingly, he does indeed have a close-knit family consisting of a wife in the person of actress Stacy Reed Payton. The couple has two charming daughters whom he has managed to keep out of the limelight for so long.

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Before Stacy, Payton had given the marriage the first chance in 2001 when he married Linda Braddock, but the relationship broke up in 2009 when the couple divorced.