Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse (Wife), Height, Daughter, Family, Bio

Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse (Wife), Height, Daughter, Family, Bio

Stone Cold Steve Austin, born as Steven James Anderson, is a Los Angeles-based superstar who had a solid wrestling career before he shifted his interest to other areas.

Considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Stone Cold debuted in the ring in 1989 and finally retired from wrestling in 2003 after many years of impressive trips and victories.

The Los Angeles-based star’s love of wrestling goes back to his childhood. He worked his way through the literary ranks in the world of wrestling and became the international personality he is today.

Over the course of his career, he has held over 18 championships in the world of wrestling. The star holds the record as the fifth Triple Crown Champion in the history of WWE. He is also two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, one-time WCW World Tag Team Champion, a one-time NWA World Tag Team Champion in WCW, two-time WCW World Television Champion, six-time WWF Champion, four-time WWF Tag Team Champion, and two-time Intercontinental Champion.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse (Wife), Height, Daughter, Family, Bio
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After his retirement from wrestling, the King of the Ring is now working as an actor and television presenter.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Bio (Age)

The retired professional wrestler was born on December 18, 1964, in Austin, Texas. His parents James Anderson and Beverly Anderson named him Steve Anderson after his birth. However, the couple divorced when Steve was about one year old.

After the separation, Steve’s mother moved to Victoria, Texas, where she married a man named Ken Williams in 1968. Raising his son without his biological father was less challenging for Beverly as her second husband, Ken, adopted Austin as his own son.

Stone Cold is the brother of Kevin (younger brother), Scott (younger brother), Jeff (younger brother), and Jennifer (sister). They are very supportive and proud of their brother’s career and achievements to date.

Austin received his high school education at Edna High School, which is located in the community where he grew up. After graduating high school, he received a football scholarship to Wharton County Junior College and then a full scholarship to study at the University of North Texas.

The Texas-born wrestling star legally changed his real name – Steven Williams – to his wrestling name Steve Austin in 2007, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse (Wife), Height, Daughter, Family, Bio
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His Family: Wife and Daughter

There is no doubt that the King of the Royal Rumbles of 1997, 1998, and 2001 has achieved enviable success in his wrestling career. But a look at the retired wrestler’s relationship with women shows that he actually had some miserable marital experiences that led him to tie the knot four times.

Austin’s first love is a beautiful woman named Kathryn Burrhus. The two started dating in high school and held on to their romantic relationship throughout their studies. The former wrestler sealed his love for Burrhus on November 24, 1990, by exchanging marriage vows with her in the presence of her family, friends, and loved ones.

Barely two years after their marriage, the couple’s love for each other evaporated after Kathryn discovered that Stone Cold Steve Austin was in a romantic relationship with Jeanie Clarke. The couple ended the relationship and annulled their marriage on August 7, 1992.

Shortly after the couple separated, the veteran wrestler married Jeanie Clarke. They married that same year, December 18, 1992, and their union produced three lovely daughters named Stephanie Williams (born 1991), Loren William (born 1994), and Cassidy Williams (born 1996). He also adopted Jeanie’s daughter (Jade Adams) from her previous marriage to Chris Adams and became a father figure for her. Three years after the arrival of their last child, Austin and Clarke separated and divorced on May 10, 1999.

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His search for the right woman led him to the Wrestling Circle, where he fell in love with a wrestling helper named Debra Marshall. The two married on September 13, 2000, and divorced on February 5, 2003.

Stone Cold Steve Austin married his current wife Kristin Austin in late 2009. Since he married his fourth wife, the two have had a smooth marriage. Although he divides his time between California and Tilden, Marina Del Rey, and Texas, he has never shown signs that he would leave his Kristin for another woman in the world.

The retired wrestler’s second wife, Jeanie Clarke, is popularly known as Lady Blossom. She was born on April 4, 1959, in Brentwood, United Kingdom, and retired as a professional wrestling manager and author.


There are few superstars of wrestling that can match the strength, raw power, and greatness of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE Hall of Fame inducted fighter may not be the tallest during his active years in the ring, but he certainly stands at a comfortable height of 1.85 meters, which is indicated as 6 feet 1 inch.

The bald ex-wrestler weighs 118 kilograms, while his eye color is green.