Paul Teutul Sr Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Is He Dead?

Paul Teutul Sr Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Is He Dead?

How well do you know Paul Teutul Sr. Born in New York, he is famous as a reality TV personality and as the founder of Orange County Choppers – a company that makes custom motorcycles. Paul Teutul has also appeared in numerous shows and has also played small parts in movies. Moreso, his physical appearance has also distinguished him over the years, with his handlebar mustache and numerous body tattoos imprinted in people’s memories.

Learn facts about Paul Teutul Sr.’s life story, his fortune, his women, and whether he is dead or alive when you read on.

Paul Teutul Sr: Biography & Age

Paul Teutul Sr. was born on May 1, 1949, in Yonkers, New York, United States of America. After the death of his biological mother, he was raised by his father and stepmother in Pearl River, New York, USA. The reality TV star has said that he considers his stepmother to be his real mother because she loved him dearly as if she were his biological mother.

Paul Teutul Sr – Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Is He Dead?
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There is no reliable information about Paul Teutul Sr.’s education, but it has been determined that he completed his high school education at Pearl River High School. He later sailed as a member of the United States Merchant Navy during the Vietnam War.

In the late 1990s, Teutul began making custom motorcycles for pleasure, drawing inspiration from various custom motorcycles he saw on the road and in movies. His passion led him to venture into the full-time business of manufacturing and designing custom motorcycles for sale, from which his company – Orange County Choppers – emerged. Before that he owned a manufacturing business called Orange County Ironwork.

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However, Paul Teutul Sr. came into the limelight by appearing in the popular television series American Choppers, which began in 2003. He starred in this series alongside his son, Paul Teutul Jnr., and the series had them as the main focus while they went about their daily business of manufacturing and designing custom motorcycles for sale.

Although the show contributed immensely to the growth of their business, it was not a consistently rosy ride. During the 2008 season, father and son were involved in the show in constant arguments and contradictions about business and creativity, which led to Paul Jnr. leaving the company. Paul Jnr. subsequently started his own design company called Paul Jr. Designs. Despite the separation, the original series is still broadcast on Discovery Channel.

In addition to the reality television show American Choppers, Paul Teutul Sr. has appeared on several popular television shows, including Good Morning America, The David Letterman Show, and Celebrity Apprentice. He also starred in Nickelback’s music video “Rockstar” and appeared in the movie “Wild Dogs” with his son Paul Jnr. Moreso, the TV personality was awarded the ASTRA Award for Favourite International Personality.

His Wives

The reality TV star and owner of Orange County Choppers were married twice, both marriages ended in divorce. With his first wife, Paula Teutul, he closed the wedding knot in 1969. A few years later, however, the relationship was dissolved, and in 1995 the couple parted ways. Paula is the mother of all Teutul’s children – Paul Teutul Jr, Daniel Teutul, Michael Teutul, and Cristin Teutul.

Paul Teutul Sr – Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Is He Dead?
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In 2007, Paul Teutul Sr. was remarried when he exchanged views on marriage with Beth Dillon. This marriage also ended in divorce in 2015.

Currently, the TV star is in a relationship with Joan Bulger-Kay, and the two lovebirds are mostly seen riding motorcycles and jumping in to save endangered animals.

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Net Worth

Reality TV star and founder of Orange County Choppers, Paul Teutul Sr, is said to have an impressive fortune. His net worth is estimated at around $15 million. His net worth comes mainly from his successful and well-known company Orange County Choppers and the income from his reality TV series.

Is Paul Teutul Sr. Dead or Alive?

There were rumors about the death of Paul Teutul Sr., starting with the rumor that he died in a motorcycle accident, which later turned out to be false. Later there was another news about the reality TV star’s death from pancreatic cancer, which again turned out to be false news.

So far a reliable source has revealed that Paul Teutul Sr. is still alive, but he is currently suffering from health problems.