Lucy DeVito Height, Age, Her Parents, Siblings, Family and Biography

Lucy DeVito Height, Age, Her Parents, Siblings, Family and Biography

The American actress Lucy DeVito, who is also a media personality, is better known as the daughter of Hollywood actor, comedian, actor, director, and producer Danny DeVito.

DeVito has appeared in about eight films, six television productions, and other stage performances. Her first major film role was in Leaves of Grass, where she played the role of Miss Greenstein. In 2008 she appeared in the stage production Anne Frank, where she played the leading role. The performance took place at the Intiman Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Her performance as the popular German Holocaust victim Anne Frank received positive media coverage.

She is remembered through films such as Good Night, A Silent Little Marriage, This Revolution, Sleepwalking with Me, Blades of Grass, Speech, and Debate, and The Comedian, in which she played side by side with Robert De Niro and her father Danny DeVito. Lucy played the part of his daughter on the screen. She also played with her mother, Rhea Perlman, in the stage production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore.

Lucy DeVito Height, Age, Her Parents, Siblings, Family and Biography
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Other TV productions in which she appeared were Crumbs, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (at her father’s side), Dirt, Girls, DeadBeat as Sue and Melissa & Joey, where she played the role of Stephanie Krause.

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Lucy DeVito Bio, Age

The American actress was born on 11 March 1983 as Lucy Chet DeVito. Her parents are the Hollywood actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

Born in New York, Lucy spent much time with her siblings growing up in California and New Jersey. She grew up in a pretty religious family. Like her father, Lucy, who is often known as Daddy’s little girl, is Catholic. She also has Italian descent.

Lucy DeVito was already active in theatre productions during her school days. Her love for the arts continued until her time at Brown University. The higher her stage of life, the more her love for the arts, thanks to her actor father, who trained her and introduced her to the craft. In 2005 Lucy was given a supporting role in her first film production ever, This Revolution. After that, she took part in other acting projects, some of which she played together with her favorite parent Danny. Lucy’s interest is still in the movie business.

Lucy DeVito Height, Age, Her Parents, Siblings, Family and Biography
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Lucy DeVito is not a person who makes headlines for romantic love affairs or scandals. She is currently neither married nor known for being with anyone. It is also not known whether she has ever had a love affair with someone before.

Family: Parents, Siblings

Lucy is the oldest child of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Until the time of her parent’s separation, Lucy describes her family as closely connected. Her parents are well-known personalities from Hollywood. Danny is an actor, comedian, director, and producer, while Rhea is a well-known Hollywood actress.

The two met in 1971 when Rhea was watching a stage performance in which her boyfriend played with Danny. After the performance, the two were introduced to each other and their love story began from then on. Before they got married on 28 January 1982, they had lived together for eleven long years. The much-invoked couple has appeared in several films, including the 1996 film Matilda, in which they appeared as a screen couple. Rhea is known for her role in the television series Cheers, which ran from 1982 to 1993.

Lucy DeVito Height, Age, Her Parents, Siblings, Family and Biography
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Until their “amicable” separation in 2017, their marriage was one of the longest in Hollywood. Danny and Rhea were married for 35 long years. Before their separation, their relationship became sour and rocky. On two separate occasions, the couple gave reconciliation a chance but eventually made the final decision to be on their own. However, the estranged couple is not officially divorced.

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Lucy has two younger siblings – Daniel J. DeVito and Grace Fan DeVito- with whom she has an admirable relationship. Both siblings are also Hollywood personalities. Grace is a film producer who has made several short film appearances. Grace was born on March 25, 1985, and is the middle child of the DeVito family. Daniel is the last child of the family. He was born in October 1987. Like the whole family, Daniel has earned a place for himself in the industry. He is known for the movie Curmudgeons, shot in 2016, in which he worked together with his family members.

While their father, Danny, is Catholic, their mother is Jewish. In order to balance things out, the family celebrated festivals of both religions without actually settling for either religion. Since their parents respect freedom, they left it up to them to decide which festival they preferred.

Lucy DeVito Height

Her height is 5 ft (1.50 m). By stature, Lucy DeVito is a spitting replica of her father.