Jojo Siwa Biography, Age, Net Worth And Everything You Must Know About Her

Jojo Siwa Biography, Age, Net Worth And Everything You Must Know About Her

When it comes to talent, age is just a number, as the child stars we have in the world, who leave you breathless with their incredible performances, be it on the dance floor, in movies, or in music, have proven, and Jojo Siwa has possessed all these spheres of entertainment.

Jojo Siwa Biography: Age

The Star-child was born under the birth name Joelle Joanie Siwa on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. and had an older brother named Jayden and parents Jessalynn and Tom Siwa. Her mother is said to be a dancer, and Jojo spent most of her early childhood in her mother’s dance studio, and at the age of 2, she performed her first solo dance. She became known as the youngest participant in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in early 2015, and although she did not win the competition, she made it into the top 5 finalists. In the same year she also appeared in television series such as The View, where she performed in a group dance, she was a guest performer in the series Good Day L.A. and Good Day New York. She also appeared in season 5- 6 of Dance Moms, which will be broadcast from 2015 to 2016.

Jojo Siwa Biography, Age, Net Worth And Everything You Must Know About Her
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In 2016 the star child actress was in the series Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Costume Party, where she appeared as Ghost/Creepy Girl. That year she also had guest appearances in the sitcoms Make It Pop, Bizaardvark, and The Thundermans, in which she appeared in the episode entitled Thundermans: Banished! In the same year, she was signed to the Nickelodeon channel and in 2017 she appeared in two of his sitcoms, Nickelodeon’s Not-So-Valentine Special and Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Haunted House. Jojo was also cast as Aubrey in Lip Sync Battle Shorties and School of Rock this year. Her most recent film is the 2018 film Blurt, in which she starred as Victoria.

As a singer, the talented and young Jojo released her first single Boomerang in May 2016, which focuses on internet bullies, and was a huge success as it went platinum. The video of the song is said to have been viewed over 450 million times and to have appealed to more than 2.5 million people. Other songs she is known for include I Can Make U Dance, Kid in a Candy Store, and Hold the Drama.

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Jojo Siwa Net Worth

The cheerful teenager definitely has a lot to be happy about, because not many children her age are worth half of her fortune. Well, it didn’t just come from playing after school, but also from her hard work as a dancer, singer, actress, and online personality, and the owner of an accessory line with a store called Claire’s, which has brought her fortune to a net worth of around $1 million, with great prospects for steady growth.


The young talent has received recognition for her hard work, which includes three nominations between 2015 and 2017, of which she has won two. She was nominated for the Dancers Choice Awards, Favourite Dancer 17 & Under at the Industry Dance Awards 2015, Most Heartfelt Moment at the Reality Television Awards for the Sitcom Dance Moms 2016 (which she won), and the Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 in the category Favorite Viral Music Artist (which she won).

Jojo Siwa Biography, Age, Net Worth And Everything You Must Know About Her
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Everything You Must Know About Jojo Siwa

This young teenager has caused a stir in social media with her talented, cheerful personality and has attracted millions of fans. All further information about Jojo Siwa can be found below:

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First of all, you should know that Jojo loves social media and it is said that she has more than 3.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel It’s Jojo Siwa and more than 5 million Instagram followers.

As the dynamite that she is, she loves hip-hop music as she is supposedly able to express herself, and she loves the energy in hip-hop songs.

She is known for her love of colorful bows, which she now sells at Claire’s under the name Jojo bowline. She also revealed that her mother is the brain and hands behind bow production.

It is said that she runs a club called JoJo’s Siwanator Club, whose members are known as Siwanators and are known for promoting positive perceptions and self-confidence to fight against negative vices and bullies.

Jojo Siwa loves animals, and she considers her pet dog BowBow to be her best friend.