Dan Harmon Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Dan Harmon Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Does He Have A Girlfriend?

In Hollywood, there are people you can hardly ever afford not to know for one of many reasons. One of them is Dan Harmon. He is a very great person, whom many know for various reasons, as he works as a dubbing artist and producer as well as an actor and author. Since he has worked on almost 50 films in various capacities, there is a lot to know about him here.

Dan Harmon Biography

Dan Harmon was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 3, 1973. Although he grew up here, there is little information about his childhood or even his family. Nonetheless, he described his father, Herme Harmon, as a daddy jackpot he had hit and did not want to trade him for another.

He was raised by both his parents together with his brother Bones Harmon. But then his parents later divorced and he remained with his mother.

For his education, the actor attended Brown Deer High School and from there he went to Marquette University and later attended Glendale Community College for some time.

As for his career, the community star began with ComedySportz as a member, and with this group he produced the album Take Down the Grand Master in 1996. One of his earliest works in 1999 was Heat Vision and Jack, a pilot project he created. He then produced Computerman, Googas, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, among others.

Dan Harmon Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Does He Have A Girlfriend?
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Throughout his career, Dan Harmon has won awards such as a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding original music and lyrics and an OFTA Television Award for best writing in a comedy series. He won the 2009 and 2012 awards.

He also worked on other movies like “Monster House” and “Kung Fu Panda” in which he is said to have participated. His productions include Harmontown, his popular podcast, Anomalisa, and Doctor Strange. Another thing the actor has gotten himself involved in is his web series “Guest Grumps”. He started the series in 2017 and it continues.

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Wife and Divorce

The actor and producer were married to the actress and comedian Erin McGathy. The two had been dealing with each other for quite some time before they decided to take things to the next stage and get involved in 2013. On November 15, 2014, they decided to make it even more official by becoming man and wife at a ceremony at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

McGathy, who was born in 1985, is known for her comedy as well as works like Community and also as the wife of Harmon.

Although their marriage with Dan was great and became very public, the two could not keep things together for up to a year when they announced in October 2015 that they would divorce. While Dan Harmon accessed her Twitter to inform her followers about it, the actor resorted to his podcast to explain it. Of course, divorce is nothing new in Hollywood, but this came as a surprise to many because the marriage was young and was made very loudly public.

Although there was much speculation about the reason for the divorce, there were others who thought it was just a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the divorce was real, and soon after Erin McGathy moved to Ireland.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Dan Harmon Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Does He Have A Girlfriend?
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When asked if he has a girlfriend, the simple answer is that he has a new girlfriend and she is Cody Heller. Interestingly, shortly after his divorce from his wife, he began his relationship with the much younger comedian, who is almost 12 years younger than him and a year older than his ex-wife.

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In 2018, when the wave of sexual harassment cases swept over both Hollywood and Washington, Dan Harmon came forward to apologize to community author Megan Ganz for his inappropriate behavior toward her.

Dan Harmon Net Worth

Since he is involved in various things like acting, podcasting, and production, it is obvious that Dan Harmon needs to incorporate several income streams to make his net worth very attractive, especially considering that he owns an estimated $5 million.