Renata Notni Bio, Height, Parents, Family, Facts About The Actress

Renata Notni Bio, Height, Parents, Family, Facts About The Actress

Renata Notni is a beautiful, award-winning Mexican model and a popular telenovela actress. She has starred in several popular telenovela shows, and although she has acted most of the time in her native Mexico, many telenovela lovers have seen her talent around the world. Among the shows she has appeared in are Código postal, Quiero amarte, Qué bonito Amor, Mi adorable maldición, Sueño de Amor, among others.

In an industry where fame and fortune are the rewards for those who excel in their craft, Renata Notni is doing very well for herself. Read on to learn more about the actress.

Renata Notni Biography

Renata Notni is the only known daughter of her parents. She was born on January 2, 1995, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Since her childhood Renata Notni loved acting and when she was young all she could think about was becoming a very successful actress. Later she became famous and popular like the actors and actresses she adored on the screen as an adolescent.

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In order to make her dream of becoming an actress come true, she enrolled with experienced professionals for acting classes at CEA Infantil in her native Mexico. This institution was run by Televisa through the Centro de Educacion Artistica – the arm of the organization dedicated to young children. Televisa is known as a multinational entertainment empire, the largest in Hispanic America.

Renata made her debut in 2006 on the television program Codigo Postal, where she appeared as Andrea Garza Duran. Since then she has appeared in several other Mexican films, Mexican telenovelas, theater performances, and music videos.

Family – Parents

Renata Notni grew up with very modest beginnings in a family of four. Her father is Alfredo Martinez Guerrero and her mother is Liliana Notni. She has not divulged any information about her parents to the public, nor has she shared her photos or professions, but has chosen instead to keep this side of her life private. The only sibling is known to have a brother named Hector Martinez Notni.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Renata Notni is undeniably attractive. Like most people who are professional models, she is very eye-friendly. She is 1.67 meters (5 feet and 6 inches) tall and weighs about 55 kilograms (121 lbs). Her waist size is 24 inches, hip size 34 inches, chest size 34 inches, and bra size 38B (US).

There is no information about the size of her feet or her dress size or other body characteristics. She also has deep blue eyes and brown hair.

Other Facts About Renata Notni

Models and actresses are known to lead a very interesting life, and Renata Notnni also has some interesting things to know about them. Even if she has not really revealed any information about herself, her love life, and her family, here are some interesting facts about her.

1. Net Worth

Renata’s current net worth is estimated at $250,000. She has earned most of her money from television appearances in Mexico. Although many Americans who enjoy watching Mexican soap operas have access to her performances, she has not yet made it into the mainstream of Hollywood, which will undoubtedly take her financial status and fame to unimaginable heights. Hopefully, she will soon make this transition and present her award-winning acting talents to Hollywood lovers around the world.

2. Marriage or Relationship Status

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Renata Notni is currently not married, and by all accounts, she is not currently seeing anyone either, at least not someone she has shared with the public.

The actress used to date a model and actor colleague, Diego Amozurrutia, and it is believed that they met and started dating on the set of a telenovela in which they both played the lead roles. There are unconfirmed rumors that she gave birth to a daughter during her relationship with her former boyfriend, but the actress has neither confirmed nor denied this.

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3. Nominations And Awards

Renata Notni was nominated for “Best Young Leading Actress” in 2011 for her performance in Mar de Amor, which she, unfortunately, did not win. However, in 2017 she won the prize in the same category for her role in Sueno de Amor.