Abigale Mandler’s Biography, Wiki, Dating, Facts, All You Need To Know

Abigale Mandler’s Biography, Wiki, Dating, Facts, All You Need To Know

Abigale Mandler was born in the United States of America on 22 July 1995. The redheaded beauty is Caucasian and of Irish descent.

Abigale spent part of her childhood in the state of Utah in America and has 4 siblings, three brothers and a sister whose names are unknown. Although Abigale Mandler is popularly known as a YouTube personality, she is also a vlogger, player and generally a live streamer.


Abigale is known for regularly streaming live from popular video games such as Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Super Smash Bros.

Unlike regular players or live streamers, Abigale usually dresses up in raunchy and racy outfits when streaming live, and although this has given her a lot of subscribers and followers, she has also had to endure some criticism from fellow players, live streamers and the YouTube community in general.

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Abigale is a passionate gamer, she’s known to do a bit of cosplaying (she dresses up as a favorite video game character) to prove this fact, and regularly dresses up for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

She also streams herself live by role-playing and other things like ASMR, an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which describes a tingling sensation that starts behind the lower regions of the head and moves down the neck and upper spine to relax.

Abigale Mandler’s Sexy Side

Abigale is quite notorious for publishing sexy half-naked photos of herself on her social media sites. In fact, there are videos of her having sex with her ex on the Internet, but she has refused to publish these videos.

She has also marketed her Patreon account and receives monthly donations in exchange for nude pictures and videos of herself. Some of her videos on YouTube are entitled “Nose Piercing”, “Sexy Cheeks with Abigale Mandler”, “ASMR: Nurse Examination”, “ASMR: Detention Teacher” etc.

On Social Media

Abigale’s celebrity in social media is underscored by the 140,000 people who have subscribed to its YouTube channel, as well as its 240,000 followers on Twitter and 140,000 followers on Instagram.

Importantly, these numbers have been achieved within a relatively short period of time and are growing steadily.

Abigale Mandler Wiki

There is currently no wiki page associated with Abigale Mandler, but this will certainly change when it becomes a major social media celebrity.

Information about her can be found on her social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube).

Is Abigale Mandler Dating?

Mandler recently got engaged and married her boyfriend, whose name she has kept just for herself. Although the new couple seem really happy together, some people are a little skeptical about how long they will stay together, especially because of Abigale Mandler’s promiscuous history and some of her more perverse sources of income. It is believed that her husband is getting tired of the relationship and is seeking a divorce. Nevertheless, we keep our fingers crossed for optimism.

Facts to know about Mandler

Abigale Mandler was a fairly successful social media celebrity, and many have attributed her success to her association with Zoie Burgher (also known as Luxe Zoie). Zoie Burgher (born November 29, 1995) is a YouTube sensation and has gained over 1 million subscribers in one year.

Zoie comes from Florida and attended Florida State University, where she studied International Affairs. Although she is primarily a professional gamer (mainly Call of Duty franchise), she has been called a “bikini streamer” because she has integrated nudity into her live streams (IRL streams).

Like Abigale Mandler, she markets her Patreon account and receives monthly donations in exchange for her nude pictures and videos to finance post implants.

She has also received her fair share of intense abuse and criticism. Zoie used to stream for Twitch (a live video streaming platform) but was banned from her live streams and vlogs because of her incessant twerking and continued inclusion of sexual content.

However, this setback hasn’t deterred her, she is now the CEO of Luxe Gaming; a professional gaming and streaming team that includes Abigale Mandler, Kiran (whose last name is anonymous for personal reasons), Linda Tena and herself.

They all live and work together in a house bought by Zoie in Escondido, California. Recently Zoie broke off her connection with Celestia Vega (a former stream partner) because she ventured into pornography.

Considering that Zoie has been guilty of actions bordering on pornography, this came as a big surprise to most people. Abigale and Zoie are considered best friends.

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Abigale Mandler’s Increased Numbers

They were roommates in Utah, and Zoie has been a major influence on Abigale’s meteoric rise to social media celebrity status. However, there seems to be trouble in paradise. Recent Twitter threads show that the two are arguing about a problem that happened in August and wasn’t really solved.

Zoie allegedly beat up Abigale’s car and did not want to fix it. This got worse and worse when she posted pictures of her genitals on the internet. Abigale has threatened to leave Luxe and is now teaming up with Kira.

Whether this is a real fight or just a publicity gag remains to be seen, all we can do is wait. Abigale is known as an animal lover and owns a few of them. She is also a soccer fan and uses medical marijuana for reasons she knows best.