Taylor Alesia Age, Height, Sister, Boyfriends, Dating History, Family

Taylor Alesia Age, Height, Sister, Boyfriends, Dating History, Family

The popular maxim says that the world is a global village connected only by a ping or a beep. Completely different from the world of film and music stars are the social media personalities who create their own world. Meet one of them, Taylor Alesia, a social media personality and fashion/lifestyle blogger who has a huge following for her social media reports.

Her YouTube channel account is called “Taylor Alesia”. She became known and popular through her activities on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

She is funny and humorous, which is what makes her a special identity. Some of her most-watched videos are “Boyfriend” vs. “Girlfriend”, “Extreme Couple Challenges”, and “Reacting to the Pictures of Me at 15”. Considering that Taylor is young, beautiful, humorous, and has many fans, many questions would have arisen about her love life, age, and family. Follow me when we answer these questions.

Taylor Alesia Age, Height, Sister, Boyfriends, Dating History, Family
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Taylor Alesia Boyfriends/Dating History

Unlike many media personalities who wish to keep their private lives separate from their professional lives and from the public, the case of the young Taylor is different. She met with Tanner Fox in March 2017 and appeared as a cameo in a handful of his videos.

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Tanner Fox is a 17-year-old YouTube star and social media personality born on 22 December 1999 in San Diego, California. He is a professional stunt scooter rider who has demonstrated his skills to more than 6 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel and has attracted viral attention with almost every post he writes. Tanner created his YouTube site called WTFilms in September 2011, when he was just 12 years old, and also posted his first videos back then. He has a fan base of 3.3 million people on YouTube, where he documents his various adventures such as driving various cars and skydiving. Tanner has a dog named Kirby Fox, who has his own Instagram account. Seriously, everything Tanner touches turns into a social media personality.

The YouTube sensation and Harry Main were shown together in a YouTube video called BMX vs. SCOOTER, which is his most famous video to date. His channel was named the fastest-growing channel on YouTube on August 6, 2016. Tanner sponsors brands like Lucky Scooters and the Grind Shop. He also sells online his branded items known as tFox brands, such as hats, t-shirts, zippers, mobile phone pouches, and backpacks.

Before Tanner, there was a rumor that Taylor was dating her close friend and famous Instagram star, Taylor Caniff. She had assisted Caniff on his Merchandise RV Project Tour. However, her relationship was denied by her supposed boyfriend Caniff the moment she became known. Alesia published a photo of herself in a pink bikini top on March 3, 2015, in which she passionately kissed a shirtless Caniff to prove her relationship, but it caused whiplash and quite a stir.

She also revealed on her live streaming service “Younow” that Caniff had threatened to sue her for transferring this photo from his cell phone to hers. However, Caniff maintains his claim that he has been single on Twitter for 2 years. He put all rumors to rest by calling Taylor a celebrity-loving liar.

In contrast to Canniff’s denial of their relationship, Tanner seems happy about his relationship with Taylor, as there are corresponding Instagram posts. He even surprised her with a visit to Disney Land in March 2017.

Taylor Alesia Age, Height, Sister, Boyfriends, Dating History, Family
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Some time ago Alesia was also in a relationship with Mikey Barone for a while. Pictures showing the two of them hanging together could be seen all over the internet, even on Mikey’s mother’s Instagram page. However, their relationship didn’t last very long and their breakup wasn’t very pleasant. Although Mikey didn’t comment directly on their breakup, he indirectly accused her of not being a nice person. When a fan of Taylor commented on Twitter that she was very cute and another disagreed and said “no, she’s not”, Mikey spoke out in favor of the latter remark, showing his approval.

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Taylor Alesia’s Age, Family, Sister

As mentioned above, Taylor was born on 13 October 1996 in New York, USA, and is currently 21 years old. She has an older sister and not much is known about her family. Her mother appears occasionally in some of her YouTube videos. Since she is sweet and cool, one can probably assume that her family is like that, too.

Taylor Alesia’s Height/Stats

Height: 5’4″ (1.6m)

Weight: 105 pounds.

Body measurements: 32-22-33 inches