Steven Crowder Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Education

The political commentator scene in the modern era has experienced an explosion that has brought several actors to the scene. The career of a political commentator is no longer defined by appearances, but a large audience in social media is all the legitimation for political influence one needs. Many have taken this opportunity, like Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones. Another of these New Age commentators is Steven Crowder, a Canadian-American actor, and comedian.

Steven Crowder Bio and Education

The political commentator was born on July 7, 1987. Crowder, whose full name is Steven Blake Crowder, was born in Michigan, in Grosse Pointe to be exact, and like most conservatives grew up in a Christian family. When he was young, the family moved to Greenfield Park, Quebec. His father is Darrin S. Crowder and his mother is Francine Crowder.

Although details of his education are not publicly known, we do know that Steven attended Centennial Regional High School in Longueuil, Canada, and went to college at Champlain College, Vermont, in the United States. His major subject is unknown.

His foray into the media space began in Canada. His first professional career began as a spokesperson for Alan “The Brain” Powers, a character in the Canadian children’s television series Arthur.

Steven Crowder Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Education
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Steven Crowder Career

Steven, who has always wanted to be a comedian since the age of 15, started out in comedy before founding a YouTube channel where he expressed his opinions on current news and topics. In 2009, he added satire to his offerings on his YouTube channel and soon appeared on television news programs, most notably Fox News. He also appeared regularly on Pajamas Media and Breitbart. A rising conservative media star, Steven’s YouTube channel has grown steadily over the years and currently has over 2 million subscribers.

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His political commentary continued to grow and he made some headlines for his actions during the December 2012 union protest. As a man who found his market among conservatives, Steven appeared on various conservative platforms and was once master of ceremonies at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It wasn’t always a smooth ride for Steven, but although he was acquitted of the controversy he was accused of during the December 2012 union protest, he was later removed from the list of political commentators at Fox News because of his negative comments about the television station and one of its hosts, Sean Hannity.

In addition to his YouTube channel, which has been featured on platforms such as Conservative Review and Facebook, he set up the LouderWithCrowder podcast in 2017, which is currently being broadcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, and terrestrial radio stations.

His name became even better known after his picture became an Internet memo in 2018 when a photo of him behind a sign saying “Male Privilege is a myth/Change My Mind” was posted on the Internet. The build-up was part of Steven’s regular post on his YouTube channel, in which he asked people to change their minds about various claims. The photo was taken at the Christian University of Texas.

Apart from political commentary, Steven is also an actor who has starred in several films. In addition to his role as the dubbing actor in Arthur, he has appeared in nine films and made his screen debut in the 2001 film Two Summers. His most recent work in a film was 2017 A YouTube Carol.

Steven’s passion outside of acting and politics is mixed martial arts. The comedian is a big fan of this sport and appears regularly at competitions. Steven was a prominent figure who fought for the legalization of the sport in New York State.

Steven Crowder Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Education
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Net Worth

With a career as a political commentator and media executive that began when he was 21 years old, Steven was able to build a net worth of $3 million. Much of his wealth comes from his YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers and over 500 million views.

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Steven Crowder, a staunch conservative, married his wife Hilary Crowder in August 2012. Steven claims to have been abstinent before his marriage and has written extensively about the benefits of that marriage. The couple currently has no children but share a dog for which Crowder has expressed great love through his social media. The dog is named Hopper.

What is Steven Crowder’s Height?

The comedian and political commentator have a body measurement of 6 feet 2 inches for height and a bodyweight of 221 pounds. His ethnic background is white and he has an average-looking face.