Nick Wright Bio, Age, Wife, Son, Family, Other Facts You Need To Know

Nick Wright Bio, Age, Wife, Son, Family, Other Facts You Need To Know

Nick Wright will not be an unfamiliar name or face for someone who plays sports in the United States. Wright is a sports commentator who has hosted sports programs on both radio and television, including First Things First, of which he is still co-hosting on FS1. Here you will find everything you want to know about him.

Nick Wright Bio and Age

Nick Wright was born in the United States on October 3, 1984. Although it is no secret that he grew up in Kansas City, the first parts of his life were overshadowed by the success of his later life. Before that, however, he attended and graduated from Syracuse University, where he earned a degree in broadcast journalism.

Nick began his career while still a student, working at WAER 88.3 FM, where he hosted a series of broadcasts. He also worked with Kansas City’s KCSP 610 AM, where he was a production assistant before hosting his own show, What’s Right with Wright.

Nick Wright Bio, Age, Wife, Son, Family, Other Facts You Need To Know
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From there he spent the next four years with KILT 610 AM from Houston, where he made a solid name for himself as the host of the show “In the Loop with Nick and Lopez”. After he finished here, he moved to Fox Sports where he co-hosted “The Hard” with Colin Cowher. He also co-hosted “First Things First” with Chris Carter and Jenna Wolfe.

The opinion-based sports program aired in 2017 at 6:30 ET. According to Carter, the show will not be a debate show, but they would instead find stress points and make a convincing presentation out of it.

While working with Kansas City’s KCSP 610 AM, Nick, who was polarizing and still very popular with fans, was named Best Sports Personality 2010 by The Pitcher.

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Wife, Son, and Family

Because of the very private life he leads, one does not know much about the family he comes from or if he has brothers or sisters. However, it is known that he is married to Danielle Wright. The two have a rather interesting love story. They met in 2007 when, according to Nick, his life took a wrong turn and he was depressed.

Shortly after he met her, the love happened and he asked her for a date. Interestingly, Danielle came on the first date with her two children. Immediately a bond was formed between them all and this led to a marriage between Nick and Danielle in 2013.

Nick Wright Bio, Age, Wife, Son, Family, Other Facts You Need To Know
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Soon after the marriage, Nick adopted Danielle’s son Dason Damonza and daughter Diorra as his children. The next member of the family is Deanna, who was born in October 2013. According to Nick Wright, his family not only changed his life but also saved him completely, which is why he always gets very emotional on Father’s Day, especially when he knows that he may not be able to repay them for what they were able to do in his life.

Other Facts You Need To Know 

  • Nick Wright Father

Wright once described his father, Louie Wright, as a fireman. But in 2012, he was actually the president of the Kansas City Firefighters’ Union. The Pitch noted that while Nick gave the impression that his father spent his time in firefighter’s pants, he was not exactly a firefighter since he was the president of the most powerful firefighters union in Kansas City.

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  • His Mother

Although, as mentioned above, not much is known about his family, The Pitcher also pointed out that his mother is Charlene Wright. She is said to have worked as a lawyer for Shook Hardy & Bacon, so in 2015.

Although Louie Wright and Charlene were formerly married, they were separated sometime in the 2000s, whereupon Louie married Melinda.

  • Kansas City Chiefs Fan

As you might easily guess for someone who loves sports and has spent a very large part of his life in Kansas, Nick is a fan of the City Chiefs.

He showed his frustration with the team after they lost at home to the Patriots in January 2017. He apologized to the fans for believing in the Chiefs.