Liza Barber Biography, Facts About Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife

Liza Barber Biography, Facts About Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife

Liza Barber and Ryan Fitzpatrick first met as students while studying at Harvard University. After some time, the two became friends and finally married in 2006 in the presence of their family and friends.

Liza is an avid sports lover, a talented soccer player, and her husband’s biggest fan. Since they got married, she has been his backbone and the only woman who has worked quite hard to keep Ryan’s football career going. Here you can find more information about Barber and other facts you need to know about her.

Liza Barber Biography

There is no information online about the day, month, and year Liza Barber was born and where she was born. However, most major websites report that she was raised by her parents in West De Moines, Iowa, in the United States.

Liza Barber – Biography, Facts About Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife
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Barber received her high school education at Valley High School and later a scholarship to the prestigious Harvard University, where she graduated in 2005. During her time both in Valley and at the university, Liza was part of their soccer teams. At Harvard, she represented the Harvard Crimson women’s soccer team in competitions for four years.

During her graduation season in 2004, she led her team as captain and spent her entire last year heading the university’s defensive department. By the time she graduated, Barber was already an All-American player.

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Facts About Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife

1. Her Husband is an Accomplished Football Player

Liza Barber’s husband, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is a respected soccer player in the National Football League (NFL) where he has done an amazing job since he went pro and was drafted. Ryan Fitzpatrick is easily recognized by his beards and was named the 250th player in the 7th round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams.

He left the team the following year and has since represented a handful of other teams in the league – the Cincinnati Bengals (2007-2008), Buffalo Bills (2009-2012), the Tennessee Titans (2013), the Houston Texans (2014), the New York Jets (2015-2016) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2017-2018). He is currently defending the quarterback position for the Miami Dolphins, a football team he joined in 2019.

As previously indicated, Fitzpatrick is a Harvard graduate. He studied economics at the institution, where he made history by recording a total of 1,006 games over 6,721 yards in the overall offense, which is higher than the record set by Mike Giardi (1991-93) and Rose, who holds the record of 1,005 games and 6,519 yards respectively.

Highland High School graduate Ryan Joseph Fitzpatrick, born on November 24, 1982, is 1.82 meters tall and weighs 102 kilograms (223 lbs).

2. Liza Barber is a Mother of Seven

Liza Barber – Biography, Facts About Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wife
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The beauty has seven children with her husband whose names are Ruby Fitzpatrick (daughter), Maizy Fitzpatrick (daughter), Zoey Fitzpatrick (daughter), Lucy Fitzpatrick (daughter), Tate Fitzpatrick (son), Brady Fitzpatrick (son), and a son born in 2019 whose name is not known at this time. During the 2018 season, Brady was one of those who started Ryan in his fantasy cast.

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3. Ryan Proposed To Her at a McDonald’s 

Liza Barber was hired by her Ryan at the popular American fast food restaurant McDonald’s, where they had dinner. The football player said in an interview that he bought her engagement ring from their joint bank account.

According to him, Barber was supposed to pay for some items she had bought at a Gap store in the area, and her credit card was declined due to insufficient funds, and she promised to check her bank account when they got home. On the way back, Ryan drove her to McDonald’s where he asked the question while they ate their favorite chicken nuggets. Since they got married, the couple has lived happily together with their children.

Despite his demanding career, Ryan still finds time to connect with his children and the wife he loves so much. Unlike most married NFL players, Fitzpatrick wears his wedding ring at football games. The quarterback player once mentioned in an interview that he has an unspoken agreement with Liza Barber not to take off her wedding rings and that he saw no reason to take it off his finger.