Kendu Isaacs – Mary J. Blige’s Ex-Husband, Bio, Kids, Wiki, Age

Kendu Isaacs, Mary J. Blige’s Ex-Husband – Bio, Kids, Wiki, Age

There was a point in her life when Mary J. Blige when telling her story, remembered to tell the role of Kendu Isaac, who became a popular face as her husband. According to the queen of the hip-hop soul, Kendu Isaacs was the man who saved her life after the experiences of the past.

After spending nearly 13 years of their lives together as husband and wife, their marriage, unfortunately, ended in 2018. The end of their union has left many with questions about the man who saved the Queen’s life but did not remain her lover forever.

Kendu Isaacs Biography (Age)

Kendu Isaacs was born on August 14, 1968, in Manhattan, New York. Although both parents are known as African-Americans, there is not much to learn about them in public. Moreover, there is no information about his childhood and education that he has made available to the public.

Isaacs was a manager and producer. He is someone who has also been involved with celebrities for some time, and for this reason, he has dated some of them in the past. His love story bears the names of people like Kimora Lee Simons, Lauryn Hill, and Nia Long. Also, the queen of hip-hop soul is not the only queen he has dated, because among the celebrities Isaacs has dated is Queen Latifah.

What’s more, before Blige, Kendu Isaacs was once married to a woman who was identified as a Maurin. Although it is not known when they married, it is known that the marriage ended in 1999 after two children, Nas and Jordan. From another relationship he had as a teenager, the producer also had a daughter.

Relationship With Mary J. Blige

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Martin “Kendu” Isaacs first met the singer in 2000 after his first marriage ended. Although he later became their manager, they met until 2003, when they married. Although it was his second marriage, it was the first time Mary would walk down the aisle, and to this day it is the only time.

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As they later revealed in an interview, although they had been together for almost a few years, the two remained strictly abstinent, because according to Isaacs, sex before marriage is fornication, while according to the singer, it was a way to prove his love to her by abstaining for over a year.

After they got married, they worked to make their marriage work by establishing a strict rule of not having friends of the opposite sex. Therefore, the only friends Isaacs had were men, while the only friends Blige kept were female.

Unfortunately, the marriage broke up in 2016 when they separated on the grounds that Kendu Isaacs had been cheating on his wife for more than a decade. The woman he allegedly had an affair with was LaNeah Menzies, who is also a singer, who took Blige as her protégé. Blige, who is known by the stage name Starshell, claimed that Isaacs had spent up to $420,000 on her.

While the older singer claimed that her husband was having an affair with the younger singer, Isaacs claimed that it was Blige who actually had an affair with the younger singer. He insisted that his wife was a secret lesbian, a claim that did not hold true for many people.

After nearly two years of legal battles, the singer No More Drama saw the end of the drama of their marriage with an out-of-court settlement in June 2018. Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

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Kendu Isaacs Kids

In his marriage to Mary J. Blige, Kendu Isaacs had no child. However, as mentioned above, he has three children from two separate relationships in the past; two from his first marriage and one from an affair that dates back to his teenage years.

His oldest child is a daughter, Briana Latrise, who went to social media after her father’s second marriage ended to punish him for not taking care of her. She even went so far as to call him a bum. His two sons from his first marriage, Jordan and Nas, remained hidden from all media attention.