Aaron Judge Parents, Brother, Ethnicity (Is He Black?), Girlfriend, Height

Aaron Judge Parents, Brother, Ethnicity (Is He Black?), Girlfriend, Height

Since his MLB debut in 2016 and the record break in his 2017 rookie season, American professional baseball outfielder Aaron Judge has consistently impressed. Born and raised in Linden, California, Judge was a three-star athlete in high school and played on baseball, football, and basketball teams.

Aaron set the school record for touchdowns and attracted the attention of many colleges. He received many offers to play college football, but the judge decided to stay with baseball. Aaron turned down a selection from the Oakland Athletics during the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft and chose Fresno State instead, where he played for the Bulldogs baseball team.

After an impressive college career, the judge was selected by the New York Yankees in the first round of the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft. After several years in the Minor League, Judge made his MLB debut for the Yankees on August 13, 2016, in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. His never-ending successes include the most home runs in a rookie season (52), the most walks in a rookie season (127), the Home Run Derby Champion (2017), AL Rookie of the Year (2017), and many more.

Aaron Judge Parents, Brother, Ethnicity (Is He Black?), Girlfriend, Height
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Aaron Judge Parents, Brother

Aaron Judge’s parents are Wayne and Patty Judge. However, they are not his biological parents, but his adoptive parents. Wayne and Patty adopted Aaron the day after he was born, and Aaron became aware of this at the age of 10 after he noticed the striking differences between his appearance and that of his parents.

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After his parents told him that he was adopted, Aaron agreed to it completely. His parents have supported him tremendously in his baseball career. It was his parents’ idea that he chose college over a contract to join the MLB. Aaron’s parents are both retired school teachers who taught in San Joaquin County, California.

Aaron has credited them for helping him become a player in the MLB. One of the characters he constantly associates with his parents is his calm demeanor and humility. “They showed me how to distinguish right from wrong and how to treat people with respect,” the outfielder told Fox Sports in May 2017.

The judge has an older brother named John, who was adopted by his parents before him. John followed in his parents’ footsteps to become a teacher. He teaches English in South Korea.

Ethnicity (Is He Black?)

Is he black? Many have asked about his ethnicity. The simple truth is that Richter is biracial, but he has never spoken publicly about his ethnicity. Reports also say that he has never had contact with his biological parents.


Aaron had a number of romantic relationships that have attracted media attention. In 2017, Richter made headlines not only for his record as a newcomer but also for his romance with a certain Jen Flaum.

Aaron Judge Parents, Brother, Ethnicity (Is He Black?), Girlfriend, Height
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They were first seen together in public during the US Open in September 2017. Their relationship seemed to deepen when they were again spotted on a date at New York’s Nobu restaurant. At the time, Flaum, who is a die-hard Yankees fan, had just graduated from the University of Michigan.

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On Halloween 2017, the couple dressed up as Superman Clark Kent and Jen as his favorite journalist, Lois Lane, along with the judge. Further investigations speculated that Flaum and Richter might have started their relationship in June 2017 at the latest.

Unfortunately, in early April 2018 reports appeared that Judge Flaum had ended the relationship. At the time of this writing, he is no longer following her on Instagram. After their separation, rumors circulated that the Instagram model Jen Selter allegedly kept an eye on Judge and took steps to get his attention, including following him on Instagram. Unfortunately for the Instagram model, Judge found love in the eyes of a certain Britt Hodges, with whom he attended high school.

Aaron Judge Height

With a height of 1.70 m, Aaron Judges is one of the biggest players in the Major League. Together with his weight of 282 pounds, the judge is not only tall but also very tall. He certainly knows how to use his body statistics to his advantage, considering his coach statistics.

When he started at a midfield game on March 31, 2018, Judge was the biggest and heaviest baseball player in baseball history to play in this position because of his size.