Aaron Jones Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Brother, Family

Aaron Jones Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Brother, Family

Aaron Jones is an American football running back who plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Green Bay Packers. We all have to make certain tough decisions in life, and Jones has had to make himself throughout his career.

Beyond his biological and professional achievements, let’s take a look at his body statistics, his brother, and his family.

Aaron Jones Bio

Aaron was born on December 2, 1994, in Savannah, Georgia, as a twin. He was born 30 minutes after his older brother Alvin. His full birth name is Aaron LaRae Jones, he was born the son of military parents, which meant a lot of moving and traveling. The family moved abroad to Germany and back home to Tennessee, Virginia, and then to El Paso. Jones attended Burges High School in El Paso and played for their soccer team. When he left high school, he was not the most sought-after athlete as he was only rated as a two-star recruit.

Aaron Jones attended college at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP). From 2013 to 2016 he played college football for the UTEP miners. During his time with the Miners, he made history as one of the best players on the team. Aaron made his collective football debut in a game against New Mexico, where he scored 11 Carries over 127 yards and two stormy touchdowns. His best performance of his debut season came on October 26 against the Rice Owls football team, when he scored 186 stormy yards. By the end of the 2013 season, Jones had scored a total of 811 rush yards in nine games, 4 rush touchdowns, and 4 receptions for 14 yards.

Aaron Jones Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Brother, Family
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As a sophomore, he played three more games and made a strong impression at the season opener when he scored 237 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns to beat New Mexico. By the end of the season, Jones had scored 1,321 rushing yards, 11 stormy touchdowns, 30 receptions, 293 receiving yards, and three receiving touchdowns.

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In his third college season, Jones suffered an ankle injury that limited his playing time to just two games, scoring 209 rush yards, one rush touchdown, 106 receive yards, and one receive touchdown. The fourth season came and he played a total of 12 games.

Coincidentally, his last college game was a win against North Texas, in which he scored 301 Rush Yards and four Rush Touchdowns. His total stats for the season were 1,773 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns, 233 receiving yards, three receiving touchdowns, a passing touchdown, and 28 receptions. When he was asked to leave UTEP, he was named the leading rush man in the history of Texas Western/UTEP miners.

When the NFL called, Aaron Jones had a UTEP record of 4,114 career strikers rushing to his name. Jones was drafted into the 2017 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. A few injuries suffered by his teammates got Jones into a game with the Chicago Bears. In that game, he scored 13 Carries over 49 yards and scored the first touchdown of his career on the fly. By the end of his debut season in the NFL, he boasted 448 stormy yards, four stormy touchdowns, 22 receiving yards, and nine receptions.

His Brother and Family

Aaron Jones Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Brother, Family
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For Jones, it is a big and unacceptable mistake to leave his family out of telling his story. The running back has always stressed that his family played a major role in the man he became and in shaping his career.

Jones had to leave his fraternal twin brother Alvin when he competed for the 2017 NFL Draft. Aaron and Alvin had always played on the same team since they were four years old. They played together at Burges High School and then for the Miners.

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When Aaron decided to join the NFL Draft, Alvin decided to stay and finish his senior season at UTEP. After what Aaron once announced, the decision to leave his brother behind was a difficult one. But then Alvin understood that the time had come for his brother, and so he encouraged him to take up the challenge and play in the NFL, as it had always been his dream.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

For an NFL player, Aaron Jones is not necessarily the tallest in terms of build and size. He stands at a height of 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches) and weighs 94 kg (215 lb). Aaron’s arm length is 32 1/2 in (0.83 m) and his hand size is 9 1/2 in (0.24 m).