Aaleeyah Petty Bio, Life of The Fitness Model and Social Media Personality

Aaleeyah Petty Bio, Life of The Fitness Model and Social Media Personality

Aaleeyah Petty is an African American actress, hostess, fitness model, and Instagram star. She is popular because she publishes videos about her incredibly fit, petite, perfect physique, and training routines. She is a very influential social media personality with thousands of followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Thanks to the quality and frequency of her posts, she has built a huge fan base that constantly consumes the content she publishes.

She has collaborated with many other famous social media and YouTubers such as Wuz Good and Melvin Gregg. The pretty young model is also an entrepreneur and owns a thriving merchandising brand. Her fame and popularity are growing by the minute and have helped her land major sponsorship deals with several brands, including Fashion Nova. Aaleeyah used to be a popular face on the now-defunct video-sharing platform Vine, but after the app went offline in 2017, she shifted her focus to Instagram. She has three Twitter accounts with a total of 19K followers and over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram page. She has also appeared in several television series and has hosted many shows.

Aaleeyah Petty Bio

Aaleeyah Petty was born on July 3, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. Since her childhood, she has always been interested in fitness and health. In high school, she ran track and field and only quit to concentrate on her studies to keep her place as an A student. However, she never really thought that her love of fitness could turn into a career, let alone that it would bring her fame and a huge fan base. Although she went to college, Aaleeyah dropped out after her second year.

Aaleeyah Petty – Bio, Life of The Fitness Model and Social Media Personality
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She also had a flair for fashion, so whenever she put together an outfit, her friends would take a picture of it for social media, which her fellow students seemed to love. She had a unique sense of style, and some clothing companies began to take advantage of this by offering her free clothing to wear and promote.

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Aaleeyah decided to monetize her influence, so she began signing advertising contracts and has been making money ever since. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the action and make better connections, and this decision seems to have worked well for her so far.

The gorgeous model began her fitness career by publishing videos about training and other aspects of fitness for fun, but the interest that this sparked made her decide to pursue a full-time job. She now has several social media accounts and a YouTube channel on which she frequently publishes health, fitness, and beauty content. Her most influential account is with Instagram, where she can post under the name “aaleeyahpetty”. In her quest for a larger following, Aaleeyah Petty occasionally collaborates with other social media personalities, including King Keraun and King Bach.

Facts About The Life of The Fitness Model and Social Media Personality

1. Her Love Life

The model was romantically associated with many celebrities from the sports and entertainment industry. Originally she was supposedly dating basketball player Quincy Cortez, and later it was reported that she was dating rapper Future, the then record producer of hip-hop artist Rich the Kid.

Aaleeyah Petty – Bio, Life of The Fitness Model and Social Media Personality
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Most recently, there were rumors that she was dating Justin Combs, the oldest son of rapper Sean Combs. Aaleeyah announced in late 2018 that she was pregnant, and emerging speculation suggests that the baby’s father may be none other than the Chicago Bulls player, Cameroon Payne.

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2. Aaleeyah Petty’s Body Measurements

The social media star has a body that women and men dream of. Some have even hinted that she underwent plastic surgery because her body is so perfect, but Aaleeyah has vehemently denied this and has reiterated her displeasure with the idea of women changing their bodies by putting themselves under the knife. She is 1.70 m tall and weighs about 60 kg.

3. What’s Her Net Worth?

Aaleeyah Petty is slowly building an empire and using her success to create financial wealth. She charges between $2,000 and $5,000 per entry to promote a company’s product. Her career is still in its infancy, so the big money has yet to flow. However, the net worth of the model is currently estimated at over $500,000.