Who Is Iskra Lawrence? Her Boyfriend, Age, Height And Body Measurements

Who Is Iskra Lawrence? Her Boyfriend, Age, Height And Body Measurements

Straight body positivity and self-acceptance/love have become her message since she learned to accept herself in her own skin after years of struggling with her body image. British-born model Iskra Lawrence has finally found her voice and place after being scrutinized and rejected because of her size and is now the queen of body positivity. She is famous for appearing in unretouched campaigns and actively criticizing body humiliation.

Who Is Iskra Lawrence? Bio, Age

Iskra Arabella Lawrence was born on September 11, 1990, in Wolverhampton, England. Her parents Doug and Wilma Lawrence moved with the family to Kidderminster, Worcestershire at the age of 6 weeks. She attended an all-girls school, Malvern St. James in Great Malvern and then Bromsgrove School.

As an adolescent, she always dreamed of being in the spotlight, especially as a model. So she began to prepare for the future she envisioned. Lawrence was a competitive swimmer at the national level and became a member of the British National Youth Theatre at the age of 15. She made her first appearance as a model at the age of 13, before puberty took its full course. But when she felt it was time to make her full debut, her dreams seemed to come true. Some agencies called her too fat to work as a model, and at the same time, oversized model agencies called her too small.

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Everyone would be discouraged by these remarks, but not Iskra. Although she was considered fundamentally unsuitable for modeling, she never gave up on herself and her dream. Rather, she created her own niche for herself. Since she could not identify with any model and nobody was willing to hire models of her size, she gave her voice instead. She became a voice for all sizes who seem to have no place in advertising, media, and brands. In addition, she differed from the photoshopped glamazons you see in high-fashion advertising by a new way of advertising for models: unretouched.

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Over time, she became prominent for the same reason she was almost undercover, namely her oversized physique. Once she had found her strength, Iskra Lawrence made sure that everyone got to know the advantages of accepting and embracing your body the way it is. She became very vocal in her belief in self-love, an act that attracted large numbers of followers from social media and the mainstream. Interestingly, not only did she fulfill her dream of becoming a model, but she also became a social media influencer and launched a digital platform, EveryBODY with Iskra, dedicated to health and well-being. Her Instagram account has over 4.2 million followers.

 Iskra Lawrence Career

Finally, Iskra has reached the point where she no longer scrutinizes her body but accepts who she is. Not that she would care anyway, because she accepted herself first. Since she has accepted herself, her development is now characterized by straightforward body positivity and self-acceptance. The influential model and advocate of self-care are represented by the agency JAG Models in New York and Models 1 in London. She has modeled for various fashion brands and has also appeared in many commercials and covers.

Iskra is one of the brand ambassadors for the lingerie line Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters. The brand promotes all body types, encourages inclusiveness and diversity through its advertising campaigns, and nods to its unretouched campaign as it does not retouch its images. She has also modeled for the lingerie brand Adore Me.

Besides advertising campaigns, she has also walked the catwalk for several fashion powerhouses and represents brands on various platforms. After 13 years as a model, she walked the catwalk in 2016 at the New York Fashion Week for Chromat and in October 2017 at the first L’Oréal fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. She was also announced as an ambassador for the L’Oréal Princes Trust and as a brand ambassador for Marina Rinaldi’s persona collection campaign in 2018.

Who Is Iskra Lawrence? Her Boyfriend, Age, Height And Body Measurements
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In addition, Iskra Lawrence has been involved with the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) as their brand ambassador and created the NEDA Inspires Award for brands or campaigns that promote a healthy body image to eradicate unrealistic body goals. To further promote the value of self-acceptance and positive body image, she gave a TEDx lecture entitled “Ending The Pursuit of Perfection” at the University of Nevada in February 2017. In the same year, she appeared in the documentary “Straight Curve” about body image and industry leaders who question society’s unrealistic and dangerous standards of beauty.

In fact, Iskra is about everything that has to do with body positivity and self-love. She has used her platform and voice to talk about something that is so important. Therefore, her contributions and advocacy have not gone unacknowledged. She was chosen as one of the 100 women on the BBC World’s 100 Women and one of the six women chosen to be the great scout leader for the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

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Iskra has an attractive personality and glamorous appearance and as such would have a lot of admirers. Although she has managed to keep her private life under wraps, reports appeared in September 2017 that she is dating a British footballer, Andre Wilson. Apart from several pictures in her social media, most of which have been deleted by Lawrence, it is not known whether they are still together or just staying out of the limelight.

Height, Body Measurements and Other Facts

While ED (eating disorder) and body dysmorphia is, unfortunately, a widespread problem for people who make a living with their bodies, Lawrence also has to struggle with conditions, but with which she has overcome her feelings of inferiority and fears. The British woman is a real eye-catcher with her curvy physique, blue eyes, and blond hair.

Although she is famous for her voluptuous figure, Iskra Lawrence does not want to be classified as an oversized model.

Her first name means “Spark” in Bulgarian.

She believes that by editing images you get a glimpse of what society thinks you should look like, not who and what you really are.

Her measurements include:

Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Bust: 38 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Hip: 43 inches