Margaret Hoover Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Quick Facts You Should Know

Margaret Hoover Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Quick Facts You Should Know

Both the media industry and the American political arena have come to know the intelligent and beautiful Margaret Hoover. She is a renowned political commentator, strategist, and media personality.

In addition, Margaret Hoover is an unforgivable feminist who also fights for the rights of homosexuals and supports gay marriage, because, in her opinion, one of the fundamental conservative values is to be free to choose with whom you spend the rest of your life. She is also an accomplished author with one of her books – American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party, which is taking the bestseller list by storm. The book was published by Crown Forum in 2011.

Apparently, Hoover’s blood seems to have connections to politics, as she is the great-granddaughter of former US President Herbert Hoover. He is the 31st on the list of American leaders. Therefore, we are not so surprised that his great-granddaughter follows the same path. Apart from being a political commentator, several government newsletters and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Daily Beast, and countless others have published her political commentaries.

Margaret Hoover Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Quick Facts You Should Know
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Margaret Hoover Brief Biography

The American commentator was born in Colorado on December 11, 1977, the son of Jean (mother), a flight attendant, and Andrew Hoover (father), a mining engineer.

She completed her early education at Graland Country Day School in the same city where she was born. In 2001 she graduated from Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr with a B.A. in Spanish Literature with a minor in Political Science. After her B.A., Hoover continued her studies at Davidson College, where she stayed for two years before entering the United States political arena full-time. During George W. Bush’s tenure, she worked at the White House as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and also contributed to Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004.

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She remained active in her service to the United States government and took time out for her political comments. For her, a new generation of conservatives can bring about a change in the Republican mentality.

Armed with her strong sense of reason and outstanding political ideas, Hoover has become a frequent guest in prestigious media houses. From 2008 to 2012 she was a Fox News staff member on Bill O’Reilly’s show – The O’Reilly Factor. She is also a political staffer for CNN and has been featured on Today on NBC, The Early Show by CBS, and Good Morning America on ABC. She has also appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN and C-SPAN Book TV, which is proof that she is good at what she does.

Margaret Hoover Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Quick Facts You Should Know
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What’s Her Net Worth?

Although she has not yet received an award for her work, it is common knowledge that the celebrated political commentator and strategist has done a good job in her chosen career. Indeed, her numerous published works will undoubtedly bear witness to her ability.

Accordingly, it is to be expected that Margaret Hoover’s name is associated with great wealth, not because her ancestors were rich, but as a result of the proceeds of her very successful career.

Unfortunately, details of her salary and net worth are not available to the public. Nevertheless, you can be sure that she is in disguise.

Margaret Hoover’s Husband and Kids

Hoover’s love life follows the same path as her career; she married John Avlon, who also works at CNN. Since the couple is in the same room professionally, they have worked together several times. They have two children; their son Jack was born in 2013, while their daughter Toula Lou was born in 2015.

Margaret Hoover Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Quick Facts You Should Know
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Quick Facts You Should Know About Margaret Hoover

When you are on television every day, you get the impression that the whole world knows everything about someone. But there are always tiny details that matter and that are not faded out while the cameras are running.

That’s why we have put together a comprehensive list of the lesser-known facts about this beautiful political commentator that might interest you.

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1. Her great-grandfather, Herbert Hoover, was the 31st President of the United States of America from 1929 to 1933 In other words: Politics, as it seems to be in her blood, is not foreign to her.

2. Margaret is not only a feminist but also an activist for the rights of homosexuals and a proponent of gay marriage.

3. Her political ideas sell the idea that a new generation of conservatives can bring about a change in the republican mentality.

4. She is not only intelligent but also a beauty to behold. The blonde bombshell is 1.68 m tall and stands upright on a pair of hot, slim legs. She also has that charming smile that underlines her charismatic personality.

5. Her other body measurements are chest – 32, waist – 24, hips – 35 inches. She has light skin and gray eyes that match her stunning body stats.

6. The renowned commentator is active on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram