Kealia Ohai Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Quick Facts

Kealia Ohai Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Quick Facts

The number of successful women in the world of sports has increased impressively over the years, and Kealia Ohai is a name that has made a huge contribution to women’s sports in the United States. Kealia Ohai is an American football (soccer) player who, despite difficulties with her right eye, diligently became an undeniable superstar. She has won many prizes and awards for her name, and for a young lady of her age, that is an impressive achievement. She won four state titles when she played for the Utah Avalanche, as well as numerous records/awards that she set/gained in college when she played for the university soccer team.

After being called up to the national team, Kealia played for the U-15, U-18, U-20, and U-23 teams before she finally moved to the U.S. senior team. Perhaps her most notable contribution to the USA in terms of their cherished sport is the winning goal that earned them a place in the final against a German side that had not conceded a single goal at the 2012 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. Do you have your attention? Read on as we reveal more about this football star.

Kealia Ohai Biography

Kealia Ohai was born on January 31, 1992, in Draper, Utah, as the daughter of Ben and Cindy Ohai. She was named “Kealia” after Kealia Beach on Kauai Island. She also has an older sister, Megan Ohai, who many believe was instrumental in helping Kealia make a sensational career in football. This may not be entirely wrong, as her older sister was also a former footballer.

Kealia Ohai Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Quick Facts
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A citizen of the United States, Kealia is of white descent. She graduated from Alta High School in 2010 and also attended and graduated from the University of North Carolina.

During her school years, Kealia played for the school’s varsity soccer team and led them to four soccer championships from 2006-2009. She also played for the Tar Heels for four years and was a member of the 2012 championship team. Her performance in the game was incredible and led to her becoming the most outstanding offensive player.

Kealia has led her team to victory time and again in the past. In her first years with the Tar Heels, she led the team to victory with 14 goals. In the second half of the game, she did the same by scoring 6 goals, 3 of which were winning goals. In 2014, she was named the second player in the first overall selection for Houston Dash. Her head coach, Randy Waldrum, was delighted with the selection and said that everything had turned out well for the club, and he is thrilled to have one of the nation’s most outstanding footballers. She became captain of the team in 2016 and was nominated for the Golden Boot, later won by Lynn Williams.

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Her Salary and Net Worth

Kealia is a young lady who has had an impressive career and has led her team to many victories and awards. Kealia was never looking for a team to play for and would certainly become the club’s captain. With such amazing skills and such an impressive career, you can only be sure that she has an impressive bank account. The actual amount she earns has not yet been revealed as she is still an up-and-coming superstar, but trust us, you won’t have to wait too long because the world of US women’s football is at her disposal.

Kealia Ohai Family

Kealia Ohai is the daughter of Cindy Ohai, her mother, and Ben Ohai, a Hawaiian who named his daughter after the Kealia beach on Kauai Island that he loved so much; perhaps he shares an interesting memory with her the island. Kealia’s sister Megan is a former USC striker who won the National Freshman Honours during her high school days as a Soccerbuzz rookie for the All-American first team. She (Megan) is married to Brian Cushing, an American football linebacker who makes Kealia Brian’s sister-in-law.

Kealia Ohai Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Quick Facts
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Kealia is dating American football star JJ Watt, and they have been together for nearly two years – since 2016 – and met through Brian Cushing, who is Watts’s teammate and Kealia’s brother-in-law. Kealia and Watt kept their relationship a secret for quite some time before they decided to let the cat out of the bag by confirming their romance in public. She even celebrated her birthday with Watt in Mexico, and in March 2017 she flew to Houston and spent 12 hours with her lover on his birthday, although she was very busy.

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Quick Facts about the Soccer Star

1. Kealia Ohai is blind in her right eye. As a child, she wore an eye patch on her left eye to work on her right eye, but there was no sign of improvement on that eye, so she was blind on her right eye for the rest of her life.

2. She is 1.50 m tall, has hazel eyes, and lights brown hair

3. Kealia enjoys a large fan base on her social media platforms. Over 28,000 followers on Twitter and over 125,000 on Instagram.

4. She is the captain of her club and plays number 7 for her team.