Leanna Decker Profile – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

Leanna Decker Profile – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

Leanna Decker is an adult model who has become popular as a playboy girl. Like many other models, Leanna has gone to social media sites like Instagram, where she shares her pictures and videos with others. This has helped her gain a large fan base in social media. And we all know that there’s no better way to become famous than social media. Here is everything you need to know about the Instagram model.

Leanna Decker Biography

The model was born on 31 August 1991 in Ashland, Kentucky. While growing up, she dreamed of becoming an actress, although she also had an eye for modeling. When she was very young, she decided on her own to start as a model by hiring a local photographer for a photoshoot. After that, she set up an account to advertise with Model Mayhem. The irony of it all is that during her childhood she called herself a tomboy.

Even though the childhood life of the beauty who would later become a PlayBoy model is not known, especially not how she grew up, it is known that she grew up in Texas alongside her brother, whom she called her best friend when they grew up.

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As for her parents and other family members, Leanna Decker has not revealed much, just as everything about her education has remained in the closet.

With her work as a model, the natural redhead became a model for many magazines in the United Kingdom and the United States, just as she has worked with several famous fashion photographers. She has also modeled for several clothing lines, including RSVLTS.

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Everything you Should Know about her

Body Measurements

What has made Leanna very popular is her work as a model both in social media and offline, with appearances in various magazines. This is, of course, also due to her appearance, which in turn is enhanced by her average physique, red hair color, and green eyes.

Even more, she stands at a height of 162 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and has a bodyweight of 54 kg (120 lbs). As for her general body measurements, Leanna Decker measures 32DD-26-36, while her bra/cup size is 32E.


Leanna Decker is a very attractive woman and has shown that she is interested in men, which clarifies questions about her sexual orientation. However, there is no record of her having been with a man in the past. Moreover, she has never indicated on her social media sites through postings or pictures or even comments that she is in any kind of relationship with anyone.

She revealed that her kind of man must be handsome, sweet-smelling, and above all safe.

Tattoos and Piercings

This beautiful model has tattoos on the hip as well as on the neck and on the right ankle. As for piercings, she has ear and tongue piercings.


In the course of her career, she was voted Playboy Covergirl of the Year in 2012. In 2011 she was also Playboy Cyber Girl for July 4th and also for the month of November.

Leanna Decker Profile – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her
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Leanna Decker Social Media

Thanks to her looks, Leanna has been able to build a massive fan base on various social media sites. On Facebook, the model has a following of over 220 thousand, while on Twitter she has almost 130 thousand followers.

She has greater popularity on Instagram, where she has over half a million followers. She also runs an Instagram account for her pet dogs Lil Man, Chino, and Bruno. The account had almost 1500 followers at the beginning of the second half of 2018.

Although she uses her massive following in social media to promote what she believes in and share her personal life with others, Leanna Decker also uses it to promote clothing, health products, and other things.

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Leanna Decker is a Vegetarian

The native from Kentucky is a great animal lover and fights for their rights. In fact, she is a vegetarian, which, as she said, is because she loves animals so much that she feels very guilty about eating meat as such and no longer consuming meat.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Leanna Decker

Date of Birth: August 31, 1991

Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

Hair Color: Red

Profession: Model

Tattoos: Yes