Who is Rasheda Ali – Muhammed Ali’s Daughter? Her Husband and Net Worth

Who is Rasheda Ali – Muhammed Ali’s Daughter? Her Husband and Net Worth

Professional boxer Muhammad Ali is easily recognized as one of the world’s greatest sports figures, but not everyone may know his middle-aged daughter Rasheda Ali, a writer more determined to carry on her father’s legacy after his death.

The self-proclaimed stylist and American reality television personality are best known for her appearance in the reality series Love and Hip Hop: New York on VH1, but she also works as a music manager, author, and shoe designer.

Who is Rasheda Ali – Muhammed Ali’s Daughter?

Rasheda Ali Walsh, as she is popularly known, is one of the daughters of legendary American boxer Muhammed Ali. She was born in 1970 in Flushing, New York, alongside her twin sister Jamillah. Both are daughters of Mohammed Ali’s second wife, Belinda Boyd, now Khalilah Camacho Ali.

Who is Rasheda Ali – Muhammed Ali’s Daughter? Her Husband and Net Worth
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The legendary boxer married Rasheda’s mother on August 18, 1967, when she was 17 years old. In the course of the marriage, which was conducted according to the Islamic religion, she changed her name from Belinda Boyd, her birth name, to Khalilah Ali, her Islamic name. Before her marriage to Mohammed, Belinda is said to have married twice, her first marriage to Rene Gonzalez Camacho on 14 October 1989 and her second marriage to Antar Ali on 25 April 1984. She then married the pro boxer and lived with him for nine years as his wife, during which time she had her four children, including Rasheda and her twin sister. The other two are Maryum (Rashida’s older sister) and Mohammed Jr. The couple then divorced on December 29, 1976. Today, she is best known as a professional karate player and actress who starred in a popular movie called The China Syndrome.

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Since her early years, Rasheda has been one of her father’s favorite actresses and one of his great supporters who want to follow in his footsteps. The hard-working native New Yorker did not become famous on the wave of her father’s successful career. She began as a personal assistant to some powerful executives in the music industry such as Phil Robinson and Harve Pierre, but her passion for business and style led her to own two shoe stores in Atlanta and New York. Recently she launched a shoe collection called Encore. She also owns a boutique in Atlanta called B Chic, which was featured in one of the episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As for her educational background, the educated lady attended the University of Illinois with her twin sister Jamillah in the early 1990s and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. As a public speaker, however, she was able to gain not only her eloquence but also her father’s fame. Many even want to hear her speak in principle to gain some words of wisdom she received from her father.

So far, Rasheda is known for paying tribute to her father for the role he played in her professional success before his death in 2016. In important interviews with the media, she spoke about how proud she is of her father, especially of what he did for humanity.

Rasheda Married – Who is Her Husband?

Rasheda Ali is married to Bob Walsh, who happens not to be as popular as she is, but has had great success in his career in the music industry. They were together for about a year before Bob discovered that she was Mohammed Ali’s daughter. They married in Chicago in 1997 and currently have two children – Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Ali Walsh. Their two sons are gradually becoming as famous as their parents and grandparents. Biaggio is a talented footballer who has received up to 10 college football scholarships, including one to San Diego State University, while his brother Nico is interested in boxing.

Who is Rasheda Ali – Muhammed Ali’s Daughter? Her Husband and Net Worth
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Net Worth

Rasheda Ali is without a doubt one of the most capable women in America. Through hard work and a determination to carry on her father’s legacy, she advanced her career as a public speaker, and her father’s fame made her easily popular as audiences became eager to hear about her wise words, possibly gained from her closeness to her legendary father. Although it is still not known how much net worth she has, the beautiful public speaker is believed to have benefited greatly from her career as a public speaker in addition to her share of her father’s $50 million net worth, according to Forbes.

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Mohammed Ali was also considered to be one of the highest-paid boxers with an annual salary of about $8 million. It is assumed that the huge sum will be divided among the boxer’s family according to his will. His wife Lonnie will act as executor of the will, while the other family members, including his former wife and children, will share in the inheritance and income.

Like her father, Rasheda is a great humanitarian. She speaks constantly on behalf of Parkinson’s organizations and is a strong advocate of stem cell research. She also travels around the world to raise money and awareness for these organizations. She is a board member of a leading biotech company, BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, and is the patron of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute.