Who Is Greg Monroe Of NBA? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Greg Monroe Of NBA? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The versatile Toronto Raptors center forward from the National Basketball Association, Greg Monroe, has carved out a niche for himself since he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons as seventh overall. After all, Greg was the last man to wear the Pistons #10 jersey after it was retired on April 1, 2011, in honor of Dennis Rodman.

Greg also played basketball during his years at Helen Cox High School and Georgetown University. With Helen Cox, the young star helped put his alma mater on the map with his outstanding skills. His college stats at Georgetown University were quite impressive, and he was named Big East Rookie of the Year in 2009.

Who Is Greg Monroe Of the NBA?

The American-born basketball player was born on June 4, 1990, in Harvey, Louisiana. He was raised by his parents Norma Jean Monroe (mother) and Gregory Monroe Senior (father) together with his sister Brittany Monroe. At birth, he was named Gregory Keith Monroe Jr.

Who Is Greg Monroe Of NBA? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
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The history of his academics can be traced back to Helen Cox High School, where he made very good statistics as an amateur basketball player. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2010 with a handful of prestigious prizes and awards. His NBA draft followed immediately after graduating in 2010.

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Things You Need To Know About The NBA Star

  • His High School Days

He had a great influence on the basketball team at Helen Cox High School. His numerous awards and honors during high school brought the school a lot of recognition and recently made it a basketball powerhouse.

  • Body Stats

The gigantic basketball player is 2.11 m (6 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs a total of 120 kg (265 lb). It is believed that his frame helped him to unfold in the game.

  • NBA Career

Greg’s professional career began after he was selected by the Detroit Pistons as the 7th overall candidate in the 2010 NBA Draft. He remained with the team until 2015 when he moved to the Milwaukee Bucks, where he spent several years before joining the Phoenix Suns in 2017. In 2018 he moved to the Boston Celtics and later to Toronto Raptors, his current team.

Who Is Greg Monroe Of NBA? Here’s Everything You Need To Know
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  • Awards and Accolades

Greg Monroe has received several awards and praise throughout his career. In 2011 he was appointed to the second all-rookie team in the NBA. This B-Baller has won the Pete Newell Big Man Award, he was elected to the first team of the All-Big East and the third team of the All-American-Ap and the NABC in 2010.

But that’s not all: Greg won the Big East Rookie of the Year Award in 2009 and was also voted Big East All-Rookie Team of the Year. He is a two-time Mr. Basketball Champion from Louisiana (2007, 2008) and also won the McDonalds All-American award last year.

  • Philanthropy

Many charities and a large number of the less privileged would certainly testify to the philanthropic character of the celebrated basketball player. It is known that he helped rebuild his high school, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Greg also helped launch the 2011 Piston Care Telethons, which benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Michigan by raising a total of over $350,000. Among other charitable gestures, he has helped distribute food to the less privileged at several food distribution events.

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  • Greg’s Net Worth

The net worth of the famous basketball player is not very secure, but some unreliable sources have estimated it at a whopping $45 million, with the positive potential to grow even larger in the near future.

  • Monroe picked the Celtics over his hometown’s Pelicans

Being able to make a choice between one’s hometown team and another can be considered one of the most difficult tasks a basketball player has ever faced. It was a difficult choice for Greg Monroe, who chose the Celtics over the New Orleans Pelicans. According to him, it was a difficult decision, but he simply had to choose the Celtics for reasons he knows best.

  • Greg’s family sat out the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in Houston

After the natural disaster of 2005, Greg Monroe and his family moved. The hurricane, which occurred in the first week of Greg’s second year of high school, caused him to spend a month at another school before his family returned home.