Who Is Andrew Whitworth? His Wife, Age, Salary, And NFL Career

Who Is Andrew Whitworth? His Wife, Age, Salary, And NFL Career

When the Los Angeles Rams got Andrew Whitworth in the early months of 2017, they got much more than just an offensive tackle, because Andrew came with a lot of experience and of course his “age wall”, which is the oldest offensive tackle currently played in the NFL. The Giant had an amazing 2016 season, and there’s no question that he’ll repeat it in the coming seasons, as he doesn’t seem to have run out of strength yet.

You’ll appreciate what this unique player brings to a team when you read more about his biography below because we’ve got the question “Who is Andrew Whitworth? Similarly, you’ll learn about his wife and details of his NFL career, including his new contract with The Mob Squad.

Who is Andrew Whitworth? Age

Not many soccer players were born in Monroe, Louisiana on December 12, 1981, but one of them, James Whitworth and Charlotte Whitworth was a child to watch out for as he was busily engaged in America’s favorite sport since high school. Andrew has a sister named Emily and is known to be left-handed. Apart from the fact that he carries his first name/full name, the soccer player is affectionately called Whit.

Who Is Andrew Whitworth? His Wife, Age, Salary, And NFL Career
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Whit was enrolled at West Monroe High School in West Monroe, Louisiana, where he began playing soccer more tactically with the rebels under Coach Don Shows. The boy also played tennis and golf, and in both sports, he was an outstanding athlete. He also helped his team advance to the Louisiana Class 5A State Championship Team in 1998 and 2000, and after other notable performances by him, Andrew was ranked by CNNSI.com as the sixth-best offensive line candidate in the entire nation. He did indeed make a name for himself in high school football before graduating in 2001.

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Andrew Whitworth began his college career in 2002 with the Fighting Tigers soccer team at Louisiana State University, although he was red-harnessed throughout his first season. Nevertheless, during his second year of college, Andrew Whitworth began playing every game there was to play throughout the seasons until he graduated.

He was instrumental in setting his team’s 13-1 record in 2003 when he led them by 1,008 snaps, 105 key blocks, and 82 knockdowns. In 2004, he recorded 799 snaps, 96 key blocks, and 66 knockdowns and ended the season with 11 wins and 2 defeats. In the 2005 season, he played left tackle for his team, of which he had 104 blocks and no sack at all. Whit graduated in December 2005 with a degree in general studies.

Andrew Whitworth NFL Career

Andrew Whitworth was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals as 55th in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He made his debut against Kansas City and was transferred to left defense in his second professional game. His impressive performance and the numerous injuries of his teammates (who played in the same position as him) kept him in the starting lineup for the rest of the season.

He first played two seasons at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio before signing a $30 million four-year contract that tied him to the Bengal team until 2013. When Andrew played out his new contract with them, they found it valuable even after it expired, so he was given a one-year contract extension, which he committed to on September 26, 2015. At the end of this last contract with the Bengals, Whit joined the Los Angeles Rams.

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After the end of his one-year contract with the Bengals, Andrew Whitworth signed a three-year contract worth $33,750,000 with the Los Angeles Rams ($5,000,000 signing bonus, $15,000,000 guaranteed). The contract valued his average annual salary at $11,250,000.

Wife and Kids

Who Is Andrew Whitworth? His Wife, Age, Salary, And NFL Career

Andrew Whitworth is married to Melissa Whitworth (formerly Melissa Clark, 2003 Miss Louisiana), with whom he shares four children: Sarah and Drew (twins), Michael and Katherine. They met while working as an evening newscaster in Andrew’s hometown. As they say, one thing led to another, and before you know it, the initial resemblance between the two grew into a deep relationship that culminated in their marriage in 2006. Since then, the couple has remained together as a close-knit family.