Trick2g Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net worth, Ethnicity, Other Facts

Trick2g Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net worth, Ethnicity, Other Facts

Gambling has undoubtedly become more popular in mainstream society than it was a few decades ago. While some people play games for fun, others make a reasonable amount of money from them. Trick2g, a legendary player, is one of the hardcore gamers who have become popular with the Internet community because of his gambling skills and his ability to teach his viewers how to master certain challenges while playing.

Unlike many other players, Trick2g dedicates his time exclusively to streaming League of Legends on Twitch, where he has an impressive number of loyal fans. Let’s meet the superstar of the gaming industry.

Trick2g Bio: Age and Ethnicity

Originally born as Tim Foley, Trick2g is an American YouTuber, professional player, and broadcaster. Currently, there is not much information about the background of Trick2g, because the player hardly ever comments on his background and private life, both on his pages and in front of the camera. However, some websites where his profile appeared did report that he was born in Florida, in the United States, as the son of a military father and moved around a lot as a child due to the nature of his father’s work. Trick2g has American citizenship, but he has not disclosed his ethnicity.

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The League of Legends streamer is believed to have completed his basic education, although the names of the educational institutions where he graduated are missing from the picture. As for his immediate family, it is difficult to really determine if he is an only child or not and where his family currently resides.

The YouTuber launched his online career in 2014, and in addition to games, Trick2g also creates game guides for his fans who want to advance to the highest level of play. A popular figure within the Twitch community, League of Legends’ player streams attract tens of thousands of viewers. He streams 11 hours on Sundays, 9 hours on Mondays, and 8 hours on Tuesdays.

Net Worth

Trick2g – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net worth, Ethnicity, Other Facts
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Trick2g and short streaming are not compatible. He streams for hours, sometimes 12 hours a day – thanks for his on-stream antics. He gains an average of 2500 subscribers on his channel in one month. When he started his streaming career in 2014, he earned about $14,000 a month with donations, subscribers, and advertising.

At the time of writing this article, figures on his net worth and annual income are not readily available. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the professional streamer made a fortune from his flourishing online career.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

If you are wondering if Trick2g has a girlfriend, the answer is simply yes. However, if you’re looking for details about who the lucky girl is, you may not find any information about her, as the YouTuber has decided to keep her identity secret.

Although the professional streamer mentioned that he has a girlfriend in his game content, he managed to reveal information about her private life, family background, and profession. It is also not known where exactly they met, in which year they met and if they have plans to marry in the future.

Other Interesting Facts About Trick2g

1. Trick2g is the owner of the challenger team of Esports, Team Gates.

2. The YouTuber was involved in a car accident as a child after driving his mother’s car the wrong way around.

3. The player reportedly lives in Richmond, Virginia, on a boat on the James River.

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4. In December 2018, Trick2g helped raise more than $21,000 for a charity.

5. Before his fame, he ran a carpet cleaning business in Florida.

6. He was also the initiator of the Nunu crisis in the League of Legends.

7. His manager’s name is Cher Gambino. The two met during the game Quake. At that time Gambino had several stores in Virginia.

8. In 2015, Trick2g was banned on Twitch because he had faked his own clapping while streaming for charity. Although the prank was not well received by many people, most of his fans supported him. The player was subsequently banned again 24 hours later after his fans challenged the decision with the #FreeTrick hashtag on Twitter.

9. The hardcore streamer, also known for his League of Legend champions Nasus and Udyr, has a YouTube channel called “x MY WAY” where his fans can learn more about the champions.

10. Trick2g is also popular in the Twitch community because he screams loudly and angrily when his team messes up.