Tori Roloff Biography, Age, Kids, Facts About Zach Roloff’s Wife

Tori Roloff Biography, Age, Kids, Facts About Zach Roloff’s Wife

Tori Roloff is a famous American reality TV star who is best known for his appearances in the long-running TV documentary series Little People, Big World, and the spin-off Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm. The TLC show has been on air since 2006 and follows the life of the Roloff family on their farm in Oregon as they try to find their way in the world while living with a growth disorder – dwarfism. Although the show has been canceled a few times, it has been renewed again and again, in the end, thanks to the high ratings it receives from viewers. The 14th season of the series is scheduled to premiere in April 2019.

The reason why this young reality star is so popular is because of her kind heart and lovable personality, which not only helps viewers to see the best in themselves and the people around them but also proves that love can overcome any perceived difficulty as long as the two people involved are willing to give it a chance. Tori has succeeded in attracting millions of fans at home and abroad who follow the show with a dedication to follow her appearances on the show and keep up to date with her reports on social media.

Tori Roloff: Biography (Age) 

Tori was born on May 3, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, as Victoria Elizabeth Patton. She was raised by her father and mother and still maintains a close relationship with them today. In fact, she considers her parents the most inspiring people in her life who helped her become the woman she is today. Although Tori is believed to have gone to college because she worked as a kindergarten teacher in Woodland public schools, details about her educational background are not available at this time as the reality star cannot yet reveal what high school and university she attended.

Tori Roloff – Biography, Age, Kids, Facts About Zach Roloff’s Wife
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The gorgeous young woman became known to the public after she appeared on the television series Little People, Big World as Tori Patton, one of the workers employed at the Roloff farm. As her relationship with the family deepened thanks to her romantic attachment to one of the Roloff children, Zachary, she became one of the series’ main characters. Tori Roloff developed from a simple farm worker to a reality TV star, and although the jump was a big challenge, Tori seems to be managing it very well so far. She has overcome her initial fear but is still trying to balance the pressure of this new career and the celebrity status that comes with it.

According to the young TV star, her appearances on the show have helped her grow as a person and shown her how to take people’s opinions about her life and decisions less seriously.

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Her Husband & Kids

Tori’s journey to love and fulfillment began in 2010 when she spent harvest time picking pumpkins on the Roloff family farm. She worked alongside Zachary and they became friends. Things took an unexpected turn after another employee told her that Zachary was attracted to her, but he knew she would never consider dating him because he was a dwarf. Tori stunned everyone by making an appointment for her and Zach. They spent five wonderful hours together and realized that they never wanted the date to end, and so their love story began.

Tori Roloff – Biography, Age, Kids, Facts About Zach Roloff’s Wife
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Zachary proposed to his beautiful girlfriend in an open field, and they made the covenant of marriage in 2015 in front of 200 invited guests at the Roloff family farm. In May 2017, the handsome couple welcomed a son into their family, whom they named Kyle. The child was born with achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism that Zachary also has. Tori Roloff and her husband adore their little bundle of joy, but there is no talk of a second baby being added soon.

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Facts About Zach Roloff’s Wife

Tori Roloff’s favorite place in the world is Disney World, and she loves to travel there with her family and friends whenever she gets the chance.

The young reality TV star is a very creative person She makes calligraphy art and other knickknacks that she sells at festivals and local events. Her home is decorated with many of her incredible works, as is her kindergarten classroom.

Tori was on the tennis team in high school and she was pretty good at sports. She still trains with her husband Zach.