Tony Bellew Wife, Parents, Family, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth

Tony Bellew Wife, Parents, Family, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth

Tony Bellew doesn’t like to appear a threat because of his body type, which gives the impression that he doesn’t put as much work into training as his opponents. But don’t let that fool you, because the professional boxer, who has fought in three different weight classes, has a nasty punch and skills that have earned him several amateur and professional titles.

Tony Bellew Biography

Tony Bellew was born as Anthony Lewis Bellew on November 30, 1982, in Merseyside, England. As a child, Bellew had hoped to become a footballer so that he could play for his beloved football club, Everton. Due to weight problems and a significant lack of talent, he was unable to make the cut. His next option was to enter boxing after he became interested in fighters like Mike Tyson and Nigel Benn, who came from similarly poor backgrounds.

Bellew began to take boxing seriously in his late teens when he worked as a worker, security guard, or lifeguard. He began his career in amateur boxing around the turn of the millennium, when he won the amateur boxing federation titles in 2002 and 2003. Nearly 50 fights followed before he decided to become a professional in 2007, with three knockout victories this year to introduce himself to the boxing world.

Tony Bellew Wife, Parents, Family, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth
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Tony Bellew won his first title in 2010 when he beat Ghanaian Atoli Moore to win the outstanding Commonwealth title in the light heavyweight division. In July 2011, Bellew, who had set a 15-0 record, defeated his fellow countryman Ovil McKenzie to add the British light heavyweight championship title to his collection. His first defeat came in his next fight against Nathan Cleverly for the WBO light heavyweight title.

In his 11-year boxing career to date, Tony Bellew has won titles in three different weight categories, with a record of 30 wins (20 KO), 2 defeats, and 1 draw.

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Tony Bellew Net Worth

Tony Bellew has come a long way since the time when he allegedly earned about 100 pounds at various sparring gigs. The multi-weight boxer was able to go to the bank with an estimated net worth of around 9.6 million pounds ($13 million).

Bellew got his first big payday from his first fight with David Haye, where he allegedly took home at least 2.8 million pounds from the fight. He is also said to have taken home a slightly higher amount from his second fight with the former British heavyweight champion.

Tony Bellew’s Family – Wife

Tony Bellew has been lucky enough to have the company of the mother of his three children for over 20 years. Actor Creed (2015) is married to his childhood sweetheart Rachael Roberts, whom he claims to have known since he was nine years old and with whom he has been dating since his youth. Bellew has referred to Rachel as his wife since 2014, but could not make the alliance with her until July 2017.

Tony Bellew Wife, Parents, Family, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth
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Rachel, of whom Bellew has publicly said that she is the only person he is afraid of and that he attributes to her as the reason for his house arrest, has been seen supporting her husband at the ring in many of his fights in the past. Famously, she got in a row with David Haye at the ring when Bellew fought BJ Flores in October 2016. After Bellew’s knockout victory in the fight, he challenged Haye to a fight that led to the two fights between the two boxers.

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One thing that you will certainly see in the run-up to a boxing match is talk about trash. Sometimes they are intended for the public, while on other occasions they are a real demonstration of the opponent’s hatred. In these times, no topic is too sacred not to be addressed, unless it is dealt with in the murky waters of race and ethnicity, as was the case in the run-up to the Haye Bellew fight. Haye accused Bellew of being a racist, to which Bellew responded that his own mother, who is allegedly black, or according to some other sources, mixed race is blacker than Haye will ever be. Other than this incident, there is no record of the identity or names of Bellew’s parents.

Height And Weight

The 191 cm (6 feet 3 inches) tall Tony Bellew fought in three weight classes. First, it was the light heavyweight class, where the fighters had to weigh between 75 kg (165 pounds) and 81 kg (178 pounds). The second weight class he fought in was the cruiserweight, which limits the weight of the fighters to 200 pounds (90.7 kg). Most recently, he has fought in the heavyweight class where fighters weigh over 90 kg (200 pounds), with his actual weight at weighing 97 kg (210 pounds).