Snow Tha Product Bio, Girlfriend, Son, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

Snow Tha Product Bio, Girlfriend, Son, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

San Jose-based rapper and actress Snow Tha Product was actually named Claudia Alexandra Feliciano at birth, but she took her stage name from the Disney character Snow White and added the term “the product” to create her first professional nickname Snow Tha Product. The artist continued to use the name even after it became popular on her success track. Stay with us as we explore the career, wealth, and personal life of this American rapper and actress.

Snow Tha Product – Bio

She was born on June 24, 1987, under the first name Claudia Alexandra Feliciano. Her American citizenship is indicated by her birthplace San Jose California, and she is of white descent. Information about her parents’ identity has never been in the media spotlight, but it is known that they are of Mexican origin. Her parents’ marriage did not last very long and ended in divorce, which the artist described as a very hard time of her existence.

Although his identity was never revealed, Snow Tha Product has a brother whom she calls her main support. According to the singer, she has received much support from her sibling in several of her undertakings. Snow’s religious inclination is based on the Christian faith; she has always been known to be very proud of her Mexican roots and tries to paint a favorable picture of her home country.

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A look at her academic qualifications shows that she completed her high school education at San Diego High School, although her graduation year is not known. Her search for further education led her to San Diego Mesa College, where she studied for a short time to work in social services. However, when a promising musical career began to take shape, the promising singer had to drop out of school in favor of a singing career.

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Her singing talent first manifested itself at the age of six when young Snow appeared in her school talent shows, and then she began performing publicly in Redwood City with her grandfather’s mariachi band. Her first contact with hip-hop came when she moved to San Jose and started freestyling with friends as a teenager. When she turned 19, Snow Tha Product began to take a more serious interest in music and made a conscious decision to pursue a career as a rapper. Her professional name was taken from the Disney fairytale character Snow Tha Product. In the beginning, she added the name Tha Product to Snow White as her name, but later she adapted it to her new stage identity “Snow Tha Product”.

It is important to note that the singer is bilingual, as she speaks both English and her native Spanish, and consequently she makes her recordings in both languages. Her recordings in Spanish brought her into contact with Jaime Kohen – a popular Mexican artist who later collaborated with her to record a song called Alguien. The single was very popular in Mexico and appeared on one of Kohen’s albums called Fotosíntesis.

Snow Tha Product – Bio, Girlfriend, Son, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth
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Son, Husband

No one knew about Snow Tha Product’s past marriage until her interview in June 2018, in which she revealed that she has been married for 10 years and is still in the process of obtaining a divorce from her estranged husband, although his identity is still under wraps. In another interview that same year on a Power 106 radio show in Los Angeles, Snow shared her experiences raising her son as a single mother, but she never let his identity out of her sight for a minute.

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Girlfriend, Boyfriend

Since her separation from her first husband, Snow has been very active in the love scene. Her dalliance with her girlfriend Juju began towards the end of 2018 and since then the duo has been a hot potato. They even worked together to launch a YouTube channel called Alltag. Apparently, the rapper swings both ways when it comes to sexuality.

Snow Tha Product Net Worth

Besides her singing career, Snow has created another source of income with her clothing line Streetwear. Although her net worth is reportedly under scrutiny, a less reliable source has put it at $1 million, which is believed to come mainly from her singing career, although her clothing line still takes credit for some of her net worth. Snow Tha Product has also played on the set of the Queen of the South, which has also contributed to her wealth.