Samantha Speno Biography, Married, Divorce, Ex-husband

Samantha Speno Biography, Married, Divorce, Ex-husband

Among the many things that could give you celebrity status, the wife of a wrestling superstar is one of them. Samantha Speno was married to Randy Orton, a WWE heavyweight champion, and although they divorced in 2013, it put her in the spotlight. However, she was able to maintain her celebrity status even after her divorce.

Samantha Speno Biography

Samantha Speno was born on January 11, 1982, in Missouri, United States of America, to American parents. At the age of 14, she attended Francis Howell North High School, which she graduated from in 2000. She is also known for her role in the 2007 television series “Sunset Tan”.

Sam is a make-up artist and wardrobe stylist and had also worked as a gymnastics teacher for several years before her marriage. She is an entrepreneur who used part of her alimony payments to set up her own business. She has her own jewelry line called Rocks and Stars, which specializes in jewelry for the high-end market. Speno also owns a company called Stultify Incorporation Limited.

Samantha Speno Biography, Married, Divorce, Ex-husband
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Samantha Speno’s Marriage and Divorce

At first sight, it seemed to be love that began with a conversation in a bar. Orton, who had a broken leg, probably took some time off and had a drink, hopped up to them to start a conversation. He called her the very next day for an appointment after picking up her number the day before. They got engaged in 2005, married on 21 September 2007, and welcomed a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton, on 12 July 2008.

Neither of them cheated, and there was no report of domestic violence, but Orton had to stay away from the house for many days because of his work. As a result, Sam had to be alone in the house most of the time, which led to cracks in the marriage, which in turn led to their separation. They decided to end the marriage after five years. Speno filed for divorce in 2012, citing an irretrievably broken marriage. In June 2013 they were officially separated.

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Their divorce proceedings went smoothly as they separated as friends and remained in good understanding. Speno received custody of her child with unlimited visitation rights to Orton. As child support, Orton paid Speno $4,500 per month. She also got the house they lived in, her engagement ring for $99,000 and $645,000 in her bank account.

To continue [proving that they are still friends], they exchange social media pictures all the time, which they took together on birthdays and holidays. Although several years have passed since their separation, there have been no rumors that Speno was with another man. She once stated that she plans to give the property she received through the divorce to her daughter. Could this mean that she does not intend to marry in the future?

Randy, for his part, has since moved on. He began a romantic relationship with his second wife Kim in 2014 and married a second time in November 2015. Kessler was a WWE spectator and a big fan of Randy before their marriage. On November 22, 2016, Marie gave birth to a beautiful daughter whom they named Brooklyn Rose Orton (Kessler’s fourth and Orton’s second child).

Samantha Speno Biography, Married, Divorce, Ex-husband
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Samantha Speno’s Ex: Randy Orton

Randal Keith Orton is known in the world as a professional wrestler and was born on April 1, 1980, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. He performs under the Smackdown brand and is under contract with the WWE. He is also an actor and has starred in movies such as 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, That’s What I Am, The Condemned 2, and has also served in the Marine Corps.

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Orton is a 13-time World Champion who has won the WWE Championship nine times and the WWE Heavyweight World Championship four times. He is the finalist in the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton’s grandfather Bob Orton Sr, his father “Cowboy” Bob Orton, and his uncle Barry Orton were all in the professional wrestling business, making him a third-generation professional wrestler.

At the age of 24, he became the youngest world champion in WWE history after winning the World Heavyweight Championship and at 27 he was also the youngest two-time WWE Champion. As he knew the hardships of life as a professional wrestler, his parents tried to convince him to stay away from the business. His father even warned him that life in the ring meant a life on the street and away from his family. But that seemed to be what he wanted when he got involved head over heels.