Ryan Phillippe Bio, Kids, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend

Ryan Phillippe Bio, Kids, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend

Ryan Phillippe is an actor, producer, and director who became popular after he played Billy Douglas in the ABC series “One Life To Live”. Since then he has appeared in a variety of movies and TV series. He began acting in the early 1990s and has been on the big screens ever since.

But another thing you can say about the actor is his many affairs. Just as his roles are many, so are his affairs. He has dated many celebrities, but to this day he has nothing to do with any of them. One would say he has a flair for action, thriller, and war films since most of his films belong to this genre. If you want to know more about the American actor, do not stop reading now.

Ryan Phillippe Bio (Age)

The American actor was born on September 10, 1974, as Matthew Ryan Phillipe in New Castle, Delaware, USA. He wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon, but he didn’t come from a poor background either. He was born to a nurse, Susan, who ran a daycare center at Ryan’s family home, and Richard Phillippe, a chemical engineer. Ryan has three sisters, Kirsten, Lindsay, and Katelyn. He is of mixed ethnic origin, consisting of Germans, English, French, and Scots.

Ryan Phillippe – Bio, Kids, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend
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Not much is known about his primary and secondary education, but it is known that he attended the New Castle Christian Academy in Wilmington, Delaware. Reports indicate that he had an interest in acting like a child. He was also interested in martial arts and earned a black belt in Taekwondo.

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Ryan Phillippe Career

He began his career when he signed with Cathy Parker Management, an agency based in Voorhees, New Jersey. In most documentaries about Ryan’s career, his first acting role under this agency was always called Billy Douglas in the series One Life To Live. However, before Ryan played the role of Billy, he appeared in The Secrets of Lake Success as Stew Atkins. Although this seems to be his first movie, he is most popular because of the role he played in the ABC series One Life To Live, which aired from 1968 to 2013. In the series, he played the role of an openly gay teenager from April 1992 to May 1993.

In 1995 he moved to Los Angeles and continued his acting career. He took on smaller roles in the series Matlock, Due South, and in the films Crimson Tide and the 1996 film White Squall. The following year he starred in the horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer alongside fellow actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The film was critically acclaimed and enjoyed great success, contributing to Ryan’s growing popularity.

Ryan Phillippe also starred in high-profile films such as Cruel Intentions against his future ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and 54. 54 was written and directed by Mark Christopher and is about the life of a young man who moved from New Jersey to New York to become a barista at a club called Studio 54.

The 1990s were as successful for the American actor as the 2000s. In 2000 he got a role in the crime series The Way of the Gun as Parker, one of the leading roles. The following year, Ryan played the role of Milo Hoffman, a software engineer who, in the superthriller film Antitrust, uncovers the dirty secrets of a corrupt organization for which he works.

He subsequently starred in Gosford Park (2001) and took on several other roles as a supporting actor in films such as Igby Goes Down (2002), The I Inside (2003), and Crash (2004). Some of these films were big stars and were nominated for Oscars. In 2006 he starred in the war movie Flags of Our Vathers. His trick was wrapped around the US Marines fighting at Iwo Jima. This was one of his best acting experiences, as he would later admit. In Breach, he also played the leading role of Eric O’Neill, an FBI agent.

Ryan has efficiently directed several types of roles in war and crime movies as well as drama and comedy thrillers. In addition to his work as an actor, he is also active as a producer and director. In 2010, Ryan formed a group called Lucid films with two other producers, and since then he has worked as an executive producer for the cable channel Showtime. He made his directorial debut with the release of the film Catch Hell in 2012, which was not a great success and received mostly negative reviews, but he also produced a documentary film called Isolated.

Most recently he was cast for the role of the protagonist in an action-thriller series called Shooter. The actor played the character, Bob Lee Swager.

Is He Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids

Ryan Phillippe – Bio, Kids, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend
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The American film star Ryan Phillippe is married to his actress colleague Reese Witherspoon. Ryan met Reese at her 21st birthday party, after which they started dating, and in 1999 they were married.

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The couple had 2 children, a daughter, and a son. Just over 7 years after their marriage, they filed for divorce, which was made official in 2008. After Reese, Ryan dated a few other women, most of whom are celebrities. He met Abbie Cornish in 2007, Alexis Knapp in 2010, and Paulina Slagter in 2011 (which lasted until 2016). Ryan Phillippe has another daughter with Alexis Knapp, bringing the number of children he has to three.

Net Worth

Ryan can look back on a wealth of films and series. He has also been successful in his various acting roles and has made a lot of money as a result. His salary has risen from just $200,000 to $2,750,000 million. With such steady paychecks from his numerous film roles, it is no surprise that the actor is economically independent and financially stable. He is currently worth a handsome $32 million.

Height and Other Measurements

Ryan could pass a military test at any time, largely because of his physical condition. He has an outstanding height of 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 78 kg. He has an athletic build, but his chest, waist, and arm sizes are not currently available.