Precious Cooper Bio, Net Worth, If Married, Who is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

Precious Cooper Bio, Net Worth, If Married, Who is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

It’s not every day you read about someone who made a name for himself by almost literally going into a sport and beating some of the biggest names in the business. This is exactly what road racer Precious Cooper did, earning herself the title and nickname of “Queen of the Roads” after defeating some of the other more successful and well-known female racers. After her success on the streets, the Floridian could start a career as a reality TV star. Read on to find out what show she appeared in and what other interesting facts she has to offer.

Precious Cooper Biography

Precious Cooper was brought into the world by father Ricky Cooper and mother Sara Cooper. Her exact date of birth is not known, but it is known that she was born in 1989 in her hometown of Osceola, Florida. She is an American of American nationality and has an ethnic white background. Since her date of birth is not known, her star sign is also a mystery.

According to many reports, Cooper’s parents were not well. For this reason, they had trouble raising their little daughter and sibling. However, her financial status did not prevent her from getting an education, as she attended and graduated from Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas.

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After completing her high school education, Precious Cooper began a career in motor racing. She went under the tutelage of racing driver JJ Da Boss, who, along with his family and friends, dominated the underground racing scene of Memphis, Tennessee for decades. JJ showed her the ropes and gave her the training she would need to turn racing into a career. Together with her mentor, the 19-year-old girl traveled across the United States to various racing locations. She made a name for herself with her old car called the Puddle Jumper. Her popularity grew in the months and years that followed as she began to compete with other celebrity drivers, especially racing drivers like Big Chief, Chuck Seitsinger, and Doc, to earn the nickname of “Queen of the Road.

After a few years in her career, Cooper got the chance to add a reality television actress to her title when she began appearing in the “Street Outlaws” series: Memphis, an offshoot of Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws”, which is set in the mean streets of Memphis.

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If Married, Who Is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

By all indications, Precious Cooper does not appear to have exchanged marriage vows with anyone, as her official marital status is single. But while the race car driver may not have walked down the aisle, there has been widespread speculation that she is in a relationship with her mentor, JJ Da Boss. However, this later proved to be false, as JJ is a happily married man. He is married to Patricia “Tricia” Day, alias Midget, who also appears in the series Street Outlaws Memphis.

Apart from this rumor, there has been no further speculation about Cooper’s love life, although we can’t say with certainty that she’s not seeing anyone else right now.

Net Worth

Various websites calculating the wealth of prominent personalities have reported different figures regarding the net worth of Precious Cooper. While some have openly stated that the exact figure is unknown, others have stated their net worth somewhere between $50,000 and $600,000.

Cooper earned much of her money through her racing career. She also earns a considerable amount of money from her appearance in the Discovery Channel reality series, but the exact amount she is paid is unknown.

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Other Facts About Precious Cooper

1. Precious Cooper is not a strong user of social media. She is not active on Instagram and Twitter but often updates her Facebook account with details about her races and appearances on TV shows. From time to time, the racer also shares adorable pictures of her and her fans, especially the younger ones.

2 . Just looking at her, you can see that Cooper has a healthy body and is of average height. However, the exact height and weight of the brown-eyed and brown-haired road racer is not known. Her other body statistics are not known either.