Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Family Life

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Family Life

Parker Mckenna Posey is an adult, and nothing is like her Kady Kyle character in ABC’s My Wife And Kids, which is still aired in reruns. A trip to her Instagram page, where she quickly gathered over 1 million fans, shows that Posey got red-hot while we weren’t paying attention.

In recent years she has returned to acting and is more focused on television, but is also open to film roles. She is also interested in fashion and owns a swimwear line called Honey Dip.

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio (Age, Parents, Family Life)

Parker Mckenna Posey was born on August 18, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, the son of actress Heather Stone and Polo Posey. She has an older sister named Dilynne, an older brother named Khari, and two younger brothers named Jake and Cal.

The actor DNA of her mother rubbed off on her and manifested itself at a very early age. From the time she could speak, Posey decided she wanted to be an actress.

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Family Life
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At the age of three, she had started to appear in TV commercials. She played her first acting role as Latanya in NYPD Blue. Although it was only a small role, she set the ball rolling for her acting career.

Inspired by the Cosby Show, Damon Wayans and Don Reo joined forces to create a family-friendly sitcom about a successful black family. The sitcom was entitled My Wife And Kids, and Posey was chosen to play the role of the youngest child in the family. Posey continued to repeat her role for the entire series and appeared in approximately 121 episodes.

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After the series ended in 2005, Posey appeared in Nickelodeon’s iCarly and the comedy Alice Upside Down (2007). She also appeared in the television movies Summer Camp, Strong Medicine, and Meet the Santas.

After that, Posey became quiet until the world stumbled upon her Instagram account, which was flooded with scantily clad photos of her. The fans quickly moved to the comment area to express their disbelief about her transformation.

By the time she disappeared under the radar, Posey had many things planned, including completing her high school education. In recent years, she had added fashion design to her repertoire.

Mckenna Posey completed a fashion education and produced her own swimwear line. She has not given up acting, however. Her recent performances include the films Lucky Girl and 90 Minutes Of The Fever as well as the television show Snowfall.


No! Parker Mckenna Posey doesn’t have a son, at least not yet. In March 2018, however, she faced a backlash from fans of the YouTube stars and former couple Chris (Chris Sails) and Queen after posting a photo of herself and her son CJ.

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Family Life

In the photo, she was wearing lingerie, and fans of the now separated couple did not agree. The hatred was based on the suspicion that Posey was the reason her favorite stars left YouTube when it was discovered that Chris Sails had cheated on Queen.

The negative comments were so strong that Posey had to privatize her account for some time. Although Posey denied having had a romantic relationship with Chris, it didn’t only fit the fans who had constantly tagged Queen in the photo they called “disrespectful”.

Surprisingly, the Queen reacted very mildly and kept the situation forever. In a series of Twitter posts, the child’s mom initially declared that she was not one of the “petty, embittered ex-baby mothers” before adding that she feels very comfortable in co-parenting with whoever her ex wants to be with as long as her son is not abused.

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Regarding Posey’s choice of clothes for the photo, Queen defended the former child actress, saying that just before the photo was released, she had given her son CJ a facelift and had already seen Posey in the underwear she was wearing not just for fun, but because she was about to shoot a music video with Chris. The video would be his first.

Before rumors about Posey in a relationship with Sails came up, she was dating the Compton rapper Problem. Posey told VH1 in an interview in 2017 how she started dating the rapper and said that he slipped into her DM on Instagram.

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Family Life

She also revealed that they had been strong for three years. We calculated it and it seems that they started dating in 2014. Well, it looks like she’s dating Chris Sails now… doesn’t it?

Posey’s Height: 5 feet 7 inches.