Matty Matheson Wife, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Other Facts You Need to Know

Matty Matheson Wife, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Other Facts You Need to Know

Matty Matheson, a larger-than-life personality, is a Canadian cook with ink running down his sleeves and collar. He came to the fore after appearing in his Viceland TV series Dead Set on Life, which premiered in 2016. In the series, he travels around his country and the world, trying out the kitchens it has to offer.

He made a clean break from drug and hard drink addiction and has since enjoyed his new life and the limitless opportunities he has built before him. Matty has been head chef at Parts and Labour since its opening in 2010.

Bio (Wiki) And Age Of Matty Matheson

He was born on 7 February 1986 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His family later moved to Fort Erie, Ontario, and finally to Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, where he grew up. When he was 19 years old, he moved to Toronto, Canada in 2000. He is one of four children, three boys (Stephen, Matty, and Adam) and one girl (Sarah), born of their parents; their father, an engineer named Stephen, and their mother, Joan, a waitress.

Matty Matheson Wife, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Other Facts You Need to Know
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As a teenager, Matty was known as a troublemaker, although he was also a class clown and always popular. He was friends with everyone and a king of fun who knew how to take partying to the next level. His wild lifestyle, however, always got him into trouble, so that once in his 11th grade he was sprayed with pepper spray by the police.

Matty may have a natural talent for slaughtering meat and beating pies, but he never thought of a career as a chef. Still, this became his ticket to fame. When he moved to Toronto in 2000, the main reason he joined Humber’s cooking program was that it was the only program in town that accepted him. It was there that he discovered his natural abilities and began to enjoy his studies to such an extent that he received good grades for the first time ever.

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However, he was known as Toronto’s most untamable party monster, devouring whiskeys like water and taking drugs. His tendency to live a wild life took him away from college two weeks before graduation to tour Canada with a group of his friends who played in a metal band.

After dropping out of school, Matty got a job at Le Sélect Bistro, where he learned to prepare classic French dishes and eventually fell in love with cooking. In 2006 he moved to another restaurant, La Palette, where he ordered Kitchen Confidential (drinking, drugs, partying) every day. Two years later he moved to Oddfellows, which opened in late summer 2008. There he only had to cook good food and then party. What kept him in business, however, were his good culinary skills and his magnetic personality, which attracted a lot of people.

Then Parts and Labour opened in 2010 and Matty was where he became as popular as his food. However, his wild lifestyle put him in a poor state of health that nearly killed him. After one of his parties when he was 29 years old, he woke up with pain as if something grabbed his heart and wouldn’t stop. It was a heart attack. It became a decision point for him. Five days later he left the hospital and committed to stopping drinking and using drugs.

You know how resolutions can turn out without commitment. Three months after his healthy life, a drink shot him back onto death row. After interventions from friends, he gave up his old habits and got clean, and has been clean ever since. Although he initially feared he might lose his friends and his zeal, it was only when he was sober and doing his thing, cooking, that he realized he was becoming more likable.

After years in his new life, he had more responsibilities than he had ever dreamed of. He oversees four restaurants, works with Vice on an international show, writes a cookbook, and raises a son.

Matty Matheson Wife

Matty Matheson Wife, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Other Facts You Need to Know
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Matty is married to Trish Spencer, co-owner of the LoversLand wedding boutique on Ossington. The duo has been together since their teenage years, although Trish initially hesitated to go out with him. Encouragement from her older sister had brought her together with the funniest guy in town, the sister said. Over the years they have been together and are best friends who support each other in their respective careers.

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Her decision to go out with Matty Matheson turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. In August 2014 they tied the knots at their aunt and uncle’s house in Port Dover. Their son MacArthur was born in March 2016.

Net Worth

Matty has left the destructive path of drugs and hard drinks and is creating an empire for himself. He has a net worth of $1 million, which will surely grow in the future.