Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bio, Wife, Mom, Age, Height, Is He Gay?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bio, Wife, Mom, Age, Height, Is He Gay?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is an American actor known for his television roles, in particular, his role in the teen hit series Saved by the Bell as Zack Morris. His other credits include NYPD Blues and Franklin and Bash. Gosselaar has been in the entertainment world since the age of 5 and has practically grown up on our screens. We discuss his life and career to date.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bio, Age

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was born on March 1, 1924, as Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, as the son of the family of Hans and Paula Gosselaar. After the divorce of his parents, Mark Gosselaar spent his youth in Santa Clarita, Southern California, where he attended Hart High School. He is the youngest of four children.

His career began in the modeling industry before he switched to acting. In 1986 he landed a guest appearance in the popular series Highway to Heaven.

Gosselaar played the role of Zack Morris in the hit comedy series Saved by the Bell, and this role brought him greater recognition. The role was critically acclaimed and eventually became his groundbreaking role. Gosselaar’s role in the series was so successful that the producers of the series tried to make a split based solely on his character. Disney shot the sitcom – Good Morning, Miss Bliss based on his character, but the series was short-lived.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bio, Wife, Mom, Age, Height, Is He Gay?
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar was then to take up the role of Zack Morris again in two NBC spin-offs. They were saved by the bell: The college years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Mark Gosselaar again played the role of Zack Morris in two television films.

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In addition to the “Saved by the Bell” offshoots, Mark-Paul made other television appearances in his spare time, including a Murphy Brown appearance. Mark has played alongside Denis Haskins, Hayley Mills, Lark Voorhies, Mario Lopez, and Dustin Diamond. In 2014, he met again with some of his fellow actors in a sketch of Saved by the Bell with late-night presenter Jimmy Fallon.

After the show ended, Mark-Paul made his feature debut in White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II, a sequel to the 1990 film A Cry in the Wild.

He quickly built up his filmography and began appearing more frequently in television series and television movies. His next big role on the small screen after Saved By the Bell was that of Dennis Sweeny in Hyperion Bay. His other notable television series include Raising the Bar, Franklin & Bash, Truth Be Told, and Pitch.

Outside of Gosselaar’s acting career, he is a sports car enthusiast, racing driver, racing cyclist, dirt biker, and pilot. In 2005, he participated in the Fernwest track cycling championship and won the category 4/5 sprint championship at the Encino Velodrome.

Family – Mom, Wife

There are not many details about Gosselaar’s mother Paula (van den Brink). However, it is known that she is of Indonesian and Dutch descent. She is originally from Bali, Indonesia. She worked as a flight attendant and housewife for KLM, a Dutch airline belonging to the KLM group Air-France. She played a major role as his manager in the early stages of Mark Paul’s entertainment career.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bio, Wife, Mom, Age, Height, Is He Gay?
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar married former model and actress Lisa Ann Russell on August 26, 1996. Their relationship lasted for about a decade and a half before they decided to end the marriage in early June 2010. A few weeks after the announcement of their separation, Gosselaar filed for divorce, which was finalized in May 2011. Their union was blessed with two children named Michael Charles Gosselaar and Ava Loren Gosselaar.

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He then moved to Catriona McGinn, an advertising specialist. They were engaged in August 2011 and married in July 2012 and have at least two children, including Dekker Gosselaar and Lachlyn Gosselaar.

Is Mark-Paul Gosselaar Gay?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is, as far as we know, a very heterosexual man and always has been. During his time as a teen star in Saved by the Bell, he dated a handful of his female co-stars, including Lark Voorhies, Tiffani Thiessen, and Elizabeth Berkley. His marriage to women twice proves how heterosexual Gosselaar’s sexual orientation is.


The actor stands at a height of 1.83 m (6 feet 1 inch). His height measurement is the same as that of his Saved By The Bell co-star Dustin Diamond. He is taller than his other co-star Mario Lopez, who is only 1.78 m tall.