Lil Xan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family of the Mexican Rapper

Lil Xan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family of the Mexican Rapper

Normally, it is the norm for celebrities to get involved with hard drugs because they believe it enhances performance and helps them to last longer on stage, but this belief and assumption is refuted by a young Mexican rapper born as Diego Leanos and given the stage name Lil Xan.

The young rapper was addicted to hard drugs, including Xanax, opiates, and other benzodiazepines. His stage name Lil Xan was actually derived from the drug Xanax. He performed under the influence of drugs for two years, just before he decided to stop using drugs and actually started a campaign against them.

Lil Xan made the decision to get clean after his ugly experience with the drug Xanax, but his campaign against drugs intensified after he lost a dear friend to hard drugs. His campaign was titled Xanarchy, which means a total rejection of Xanax.

Fortunately, his anti-drug campaign helped many of his fans to stop using drugs and start a new chapter. In order to show his support to his fans and to back up his anti-drug message, Lil Xan announced in 2018 that he would change his stage name to “Diego”, but later he broke that promise because he was unsure about it.

Lil Xan Bio, Age

Lil Xan, whose first name is Diego Leanos, was born on September 6, 1996, in Redlands California, where he attended Redlands East Valley High School. He was raised by his mother Candy, but the identity of Li Xan’s father is not known. He is currently 21 years old and is one of the rising rappers in the American music industry.

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His childhood experiences were not rosy because his family was poor and had to live in cheap motels most of his life. Unfortunately, the young rapper had to drop out of school due to hardship in his early years and spend fruitless years at home as an unemployed teenager. He had to take a paid job that ranged from street cleaning to drug street transport, and he also tried to pursue a career as a photographer.

He could not get far in his quest for a career as a photographer, because shortly after he picked up his camera, it was stolen from him. He started rapping to save enough money to invest in a new camera, but ironically he discovered that his talent is actually in rapping.

Li Xan used platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube to gain popularity, but in August 2017 his popularity reached a new peak after the music video for his song Betrayed was released, which peaked at number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100. In an interview with XXL, he announced his first album Total Xanarchy. The album featured artists like Diplo and Swae Lee.

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According to Billboard, his tour “Total Xanarchy”, which he announced in December 2017, was sold out within five hours. The artist has confessed that Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. were early influences in his musical life. Other early influences in his life include Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, and Queens of the Stone Age.

Li Xan and Lil Pump are always in fierce competition, as Lil Pump plays the same kind of music.

Lil Xan Net Worth

Li Xan’s source of wealth ranges from income from shows and stage appearances as well as from mixtapes. His net worth was estimated at 200,000 dollars in 2017. Over 881,000 followers are listed on his Instagram, and his Facebook fan page has up to 146 followers. This is an indicator of his popularity and fame.

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We look forward to seeing the net worth of the rapper improve in the near future as his music video Betrayed receives more than 42 million views on social media. He is gaining truly instant online media popularity through social platforms.

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Family of the Mexican Rapper

Although he is an American rapper, Lil Xan is of Mexican descent. Nothing is known about his family except that his mother’s name is Candy. She supported her son in his musical career from the beginning and Xan has had her name tattooed on his body. There is also no information about his siblings.

Lil Xan’s uncle Robesman was also a rock in his musical career and together they joined forces to make the Robesman Xan Collabo which was a hit.

Who is Lil Xan’s Girlfriend?

Currently, there is no available information about Lil Xan’s girlfriend, but he tweeted that he loved his girlfriend in May 2017. However, he forgot to mention the lady who got his heart.