Laina Morris – Facts You Must Know About Overly Attached Girlfriend Creator

Laina Morris – Facts You Must Know About Overly Attached Girlfriend Creator

Laina Morris, now an internet celebrity, never knew what to expect when she joined the band of Justin Bieber’s fans to compete for the opportunity to attend one of his shows for free and perform in a commercial with him.

Well, she didn’t win the contest, but it was definitely worthwhile to participate. Her parody of Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend”, in which she portrayed a friend who is an obsessive lunatic, led to a series of events that brought her fame. She posted this on YouTube on June 6, 2012. Within a few hours it received thousands of views, Morris Laina was finally tagged as “the overly affectionate girlfriend” and her meme went viral and now has over a hundred million views. A few months after her video was released, her fame grew with over one million subscribers to her channel.

Facts You Must Know About Laina Morris

1. Her Birth Details:

Laina Morris was born June 22nd, 1991 in Texas, where she grew up with 3 siblings, of which she was the last.

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2. Laina Morris Is A University Dropout

Tender 20-year-old Laina left the University of North Texas where she was studying and gave up her part-time job so she could focus more on her YouTube career and meme. After her first video for Justin Bieber’s song, she continued to release parodies like Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me maybe” and so on every week.

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3. Laina Morris Has Appeared On Celebrity Videos And Adverts

Laina Morris has appeared in several celebrity videos, and she made an advertisement for Samsung playing “the over-connected computer” and portraying a possessive computer that threatens to leak the user’s information if not regularly observed. The ad went viral and reached almost 1.8 million views within four days of its release.

4. She Is Among The Top 15 People That Got Famous Online

According to Mashable’s ranking, Laina was one of the 15 people who are said to have become famous through the Internet in 2012.

5. Her Trademark Is Her Weirdo Looks

She has published many other videos, most of which characterized the overly affectionate girlfriend, with the characteristic appearance of a strange-looking stare with wide-open eyes and a smiley face.

6. She Has a Longtime Boyfriend

Laina Morris claims that despite her creepy role in her meme she has a boyfriend. Four years after her first video she still stays with her boyfriend and is happy. Since her meme, she has not had to enter a new relationship.

Laina Morris – Facts You Must Know About Overly Attached Girlfriend Creator
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7. She Loves Charity Work

In addition to entertainment, she also published videos aimed at collecting donations for charity. The first of these videos was marked with the tag “dare to share” in which fans dared Laina to do crazy things for a prize. Among the wishes of the fans were skydiving, eating a huge amount of food after which she was supposed to ride the biggest roller coaster, dancing Gangnam-style in an open apple shop, and much more. The goal for the first fundraiser was 50000 dollars to help autistic children. Before she “dare to share” she explained that the internet could turn the world into a global village where people everywhere are easily connected. She said that the Internet should, therefore, be used for good causes such as charity.

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8. Laina Morris Has Received Her Share Of Criticisms

In response to their fundraising videos, some fans criticized the videos and saw them as a digression from their meme, while others welcomed the development and saw them as an opportunity to stand up for a good cause and create a niche for themselves through their fame. The criticism did not have a negative effect on her, as she received about 10,000 additional subscriptions after the video. As her status on the Internet increased, she moved into the limelight, and the criticism of many people who tried to find faults to bring her down did not catch on. She even remembers incidents where strangers had to look up her personal data and college records, but that didn’t stop her.

9. Laina Morris Net Worth

The Internet star is not yet a millionaire, as her net worth is about $215,000 and she leads a moderate lifestyle, unlike most famous YouTubers. She is supposed to drive a KIA car and live in a rented apartment.