Josh Mcdaniels Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Coaching Career

Josh Mcdaniels Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Coaching Career

Josh Mcdaniels is an American professional soccer coach who comes from a soccer coaching family, as his father happens to be a renowned soccer coach. As a former player in the wide receiver position during his time at university, Josh gained experience in the game before taking the big leap to switch to become a better coach.

Over the years, Josh Mcdaniels has worked in various capacities as an offensive coordinator, personal assistant, defensive assistant, quarterback coach, and also as the head coach of numerous clubs.

Josh McDaniels Bio

The American professional soccer coach Josh McDaniels was born on April 22, 1976, in Barberton, Ohio, USA, under the full birth name Joshua Thomas McDaniels. His father, Thom McDaniels, who coached the Ohio high school football team, was considered one of the most respected high school coaches in the United States and was named High School Coach of the Year by USA Today in 1997.

Josh McDaniels studied at Canton McKinley High School before moving to John Carroll University where he played as a quarterback.

Josh Mcdaniels Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Coaching Career
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Professional Coaching Career

The outstanding soccer coach began professional training in 1999 as a graduate assistant at the State University of Michigan. After working as an assistant at the University of Michigan, he moved to Cleveland to take a sales staff position. He left Cleveland to join the New England Patriots, where he served as a personal assistant in 2001. He worked for a year as an assistant defensive trainer, specializing in defensive backs. The following year, he was appointed the team’s quarterback coach, and after the former Offensive Coordinator left the team, he was appointed Offensive Coordinator.

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Josh strived to make a good impression and worked closely with his team’s head coach to improve his chances of growing within the team. He had a very strong interpersonal relationship with his head coach and sometimes contributed his own ideas on how best to manage the team effectively. He eventually left the team when he was appointed head coach of the Denver Broncos on a four-year contract.

Josh McDaniels celebrated his debut season for the Denver Broncos with six consecutive wins, but also suffered four losses in a row toward the end of the season. He set an 8-8 season record and also had a problem with the team for keeping Brandon Marshall, a pro bowl wide receiver, on the bench. The following season, he was fired from his team due to his poor performance, as this season ended with a 3-9 record.

After he was dismissed by the Denver Broncos, he was signed on as head coach by the St. Louis Rams as an offensive coordinator under the direction of Steve Spagnuolo. He remained with the team for a year as offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, but soon became restless and switched to the New England Patriots, who signed him as the team’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.

Not wanting to rest on one for too long, Josh Mcdaniels was named the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts in February 2018, but he turned down the offer and announced that he had decided to stay with the New England Patriots. His decision, however, was criticized by former NFL players and coaches, even his agent Bob LaMonte terminated his contract with the coach, but that did not make Josh Mcdaniels retract his words.

Josh Mcdaniels Family: Wife & Children

Josh Mcdaniels Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Coaching Career
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The American professional coach grew up in an athletic family and followed in the footsteps of his father Thom Mcdaniels, who was one of the most respected high school football coaches in the United States of America. However, details of his mother’s background and his immediate family are completely hidden in the media.

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It is also worth knowing that Josh Mcdaniels is happily married to Laura Mcdaniels, with whom he was for two years. Their marriage is blessed with four children: Jack, Maddie, Livia, and Neenah.

Salary Details

Although he is currently the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the NFL, there is no complete information on Josh Mcdaniel’s salary. However, it is known that he has an estimated net worth of $6 million.