Fiona Loudon Bio, Family, Facts About Daniel Craig’s Ex-Wife

Fiona Loudon Bio, Family, Facts About Daniel Craig’s Ex-Wife

Fiona Loudon is a beautiful and talented Scottish actress with some spectacular theatrical successes that live up to her name. Apart from being good at playing various characters on stage, she is also popular as the ex-wife of legendary James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Unfortunately, her relationship ended as quickly as it had begun. However, they had a child between them, a little girl who grew up to be a woman.

Find out everything we know about Fiona; her background, her career, her relationship life, and all the other facts we have collected about this woman who was once in love with Craig’s love.

Fiona Loudon Bio

Fiona Loudon was born in Scotland on 5 May 1968 under the sign of Taurus. She is of Caucasian descent and of Scottish descent in terms of her nationality.

Fiona Loudon – Bio, Family, Facts About Daniel Craig’s Ex-Wife
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Fiona has not divulged any information about her family members, such as who her parents are, whether she has siblings or not, and how her childhood generally went. She has also not revealed which schools she attended. The only record we have been able to find relating to her background and childhood life is that she grew up in Scotland, where she spent her entire school career from elementary school to university.

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As a small child, Fiona Loudon admired plays, and this probably influenced her decision to become an actress. Like many English actors and actresses, Fiona Loudon began her acting career at London theaters and has remained there for the most part. In the coming years, she will hopefully consider acting in films and film productions.

Her Family – Husband and Daughter

Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig got married when they were very young. At some point in 1992, the two became husband and wife. That same year, Fiona gave birth to her daughter Ella Craig.

Fiona Loudon – Bio, Family, Facts About Daniel Craig’s Ex-Wife
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Although everything seemed to go well between the young couple at the time, we knew little about the fact that their marriage would only last two years. They divorced in 1994. Daniel revealed in an interview that he was too young and immature at the time of the marriage and that renouncing marriage was the more mature decision. He also revealed that he did not regret his decision to marry Fiona, but wished he had lived differently.

Since the divorce, Daniel has remarried and even had another child. His second and current wife is Rachel Weisz. Rachel and Daniel have been together since December 2010 and got married on June 22, 2011. Their wedding was a private wedding attended by only 4 people; Ella Craig and Weisz’s son from a previous relationship. On September 1, 2018, Weisz gave birth to their first child together, a little girl.

For Fiona Loudon, however, there is not much going on in her relationship life. She has remained single and prefers to lead a quiet life. It is reported that her daughter Ella lives with her in London.

Ella Craig has grown into a woman. She follows in her parents’ footsteps and pursues a career in the entertainment industry as an actress. As things develop for her, her career will continue to skyrocket, and that is exactly what we all want for her.

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Facts About Daniel Craig’s Ex-Wife

  • Net Worth

Fiona Loudon may not be super famous for her exploits as an actress, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t earned an enviable fortune with her acting career in the theater. Some sources have gone so far as to estimate her net worth up to $10 million, we have not been able to prove this.

  • Body Measurements and Features

At her age, Fiona still looks good. She stands at a height of 1.73 m (5 feet 7 inches) and weighs about 60 kg (132 lb). Her breasts, waist, and hips measure 35-27-34 inches each. The Scottish actress has blue eyes and blond hair.

  • Favorite Things 

When it comes to food, Fiona Loudon loves Italian cuisine. Her favorite actor is Will Smith, while her favorite actress is Charlize Theron. She likes blue and black colors, and London is her favorite place.

When Fiona is not at work, she goes shopping, traveling, or reading, all of which are her hobbies.