Dominique Capraro Relationship With Michelle Phan, Age, Height and Full Bio

Dominique Capraro Relationship With Michelle Phan, Age, Height and Full Bio

Dominique Capraro is, without doubt, one of the hottest guys that any girl would like to hang out with. The actor, dancer, and model are handsome beyond recognition because his physique makes him stand out wherever he is. Read here about his biography, his age, and his relationship with Michelle Phan.

Age and Full Bio of Dominique Capraro

Dominique, who belongs to a white ethnic group and is of mixed descent, was born on 16 May 1988 in Visp, Switzerland. His father is Italian, while his mother is of Swiss-Austrian origin. He is, of course, a Swiss citizen.

He attended the University of Lausanne, where he studied art history, and later entered the College de Abbaye de St. Maurice for further studies. During his studies, he occasionally danced in shows and modeled, but he hardly knew that he would later make a career. In his younger years, he was a vice-Swiss from the canton of Valais.

According to some sources, he came into the limelight of the fashion world when he was associated with YouTube sensation Michelle Phan under unique circumstances. This led to him being signed and associated with big names right at the beginning of his professional modeling career. He is currently under contract with Jaffa Models in Chicago, Illinois.

Dominique Capraro Relationship With Michelle Phan, Age, Height and Full Bio

There are no newer details that have come to light about Dominique Capraro other than these. Most of all, we would have liked to write about his academic activities at school, whether he was smart or just good-looking without brains. It would also have been interesting to know what sports he played and what it was like for him to grow up in his family. Does he have siblings and are they famous or not? Unfortunately, these details are not yet known. This is typical for young celebrities his age, but in time, as he continues to advance his career, they will surely become famous.

Meanwhile, Dominique Capraro owes much of what he is today to his girlfriend. Through her, he gained public fame and acceptance. Indeed, the saying is true that behind every successful man there is a woman. The story of Dominique Capraro proves this. But how did they meet and what is their love story? Details of this will form the interesting parts of our following paragraphs.

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Dominique Capraro is up to 1.82 meters tall and has a regulated body mass of 77 kg. The model is distinguished by his brown hair color and eyes, which match his athletic-looking male physique.

Relationship With Michelle Phan

The two lovers are said to have met on Valentine’s Day 2011 in New York in a Parisian café. They got along well and easily became friends. As fate would have it, they met again in Paris when they were both there to shoot a commercial. Their love story sprouted at this point, as they immediately felt a strong connection with each other.

Given the fame they achieved in their two careers, their fans were already wondering if the two of them were dating, as neither of them had officially announced this. However, in January 2012, they announced their relationship with a video on Michelle’s YouTube channel, which has been viewed by millions of viewers since then.

Dominique Capraro Relationship With Michelle Phan, Age, Height and Full Bio
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Dominique was featured in many of Michelle’s videos, often titled My Boyfriend Does My Makeup. The two lovers live together in Los Angeles and are both having a good time with their careers.

You might wonder who Michelle Phan is and how she became a celebrity herself. Her story says that she came from a Vietnamese family that can best be described as not so well funded. In order to supplement her schooling, she took a job as a waitress and was also a student at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida.

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Occasionally she would draw sketches and upload videos of her makeup on Xanga called Rice Bunny. Her videos were quite good and again won many opinions and encouragement. It dawned on her that she would do better if she could reach a larger audience, as Xanga was not the most popular website at the time. Out of this need, she joined YouTube, and there she did not stagnate.

Her Lady Gaga Poker Face and Lady Gaga Bad Romance form tutorial videos that drew many viewers to her channel and benefited from new and more subscribers to her channel. Then she co-founded My Glam – a subscription service for beauty – and began to monetize what she had been doing for free and in her spare time. Major cosmetics brands approached her to put their products on her videos, and this brought huge financial benefits.

She became the owner of the second most subscribed YouTube channel, which is owned by a woman and on which she has hundreds of videos, which together have seen millions of views.